Medical Student Rotations

Logistics For All Medical Students Rotating at Seattle Children's

  • COVID-19

    If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have experienced a possible or known exposure, please contact the Medical Student Program ( for guidance. 

    Effective 7/13/2023:

    • Masking is recommended but no longer required for workforce members in public areas of clinical spaces, including hallways outside patient rooms on inpatient units and waiting rooms. 
    • Eye protection is recommended but no longer required for workforce members for all patient care activities. Follow transmission-based precautions to know when eye protection is required.
      • Students will be offered a face shield at sign-in with the Medical Student Program.
  • What to expect on your first day at Seattle Children’s (SC)

    Please be patient and plan ahead as sometimes the screening lines can get long.

    Your rotation at Children’s starts in the Graduate Medical Education/Medical Student Office at Seattle Children’s, 4800 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle WA, room OC.7.830.

    1. Turn onto Penny Drive to enter Seattle Children’s campus
    2. Park in Lot 4 using the parking PIN provided to you in your sign-in and badging information email.
    3. Enter the hospital through the River 3 entrance.
    4. Check in with the security desk for a visitor sticker. It will help to show your orientation information email from the Medical Student Office.
    5. Proceed to the GME Office on Ocean 7.

    In the GME Office, you will be issued an SC photo ID badge. If necessary, you will be asked to complete any outstanding paperwork or web-based training modules.

    Once you have completed any required web-based training and the sign-in and badging process, you will be released to your rotation.

  • Medical student parking at SC and transportation info
    Parking information

    Orientation Day parking
    On the day of orientation (or the day you sign-in) only, you will park in Lot 4You will need a PIN to enter the lot. The PIN will be included in your sign-in and badging email from the Medical Student Program.

    Lot 4 looks small when you pull in but keep going–you might need to drive around the corner to find a spot. The map linked above will help!

    After Orientation Day parking
    Where you park depends on when you are scheduled to be at the hospital:

    • If you arrive before 6 a.m. or after 10:30 a.m. on weekdays or anytime on a weekend or Children’s-observed holiday, you may park onsite in staff Lots 1, 2, 3 or 4. You will need your badge to get in and out of the lots.
    • If you arrive between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. on weekdays, you are required to park off-site.
      • Medical students park for free at the NE 65th Lot in Magnuson Park and use the SC shuttle for transportation between the parking lot and the hospital. The current shuttle schedule is here.
      • Directions: From Sand Point Way, NE, turn into Magnuson Park at the NE 65th St entrance. Park in the lot located across from the Western Fisheries Research Center. Here’s a map of the NE 65th Lot in Magnuson Park.
    • Do not park in patient/family/visitor parking.
    • Do not park in the neighborhoods around SC.
    • Do not use the River circle for drop-offs; it is for patient drop off and staff shuttles only. Please use the drop-off areas at the Forest or Ocean 7 entrances.
    • Failure to comply with the parking rules will get you ticketed or towed.

    Notice: You are required to turn in your SC badge at the end of your rotation but will still be allowed to ride the shuttle to get to your car. Let the driver know that you finished your rotation and returned your badge to the GME office as required.

    Other shuttles and buses

    Other shuttle options include the UW Health Sciences Express Shuttle, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) Shuttle and the UW/Fred Hutch South Lake Union Shuttle. You can find those shuttle schedules and information here. Finally, the hospital is served directly by four King Country Metro bus routes: #31, #32, #65, and #75.

    Biking information

    SC is a bike-friendly workplace and medical students are welcome and encouraged to ride to the hospital. You can find useful information about getting from the Burke-Gilman Trail to the hospital, bike parking and locker room locations here.

  • Badge information

    SC badges will be valid for the duration of the medical student’s rotation and must be returned at the end of the rotation (see Returning Badges below). Medical students at SC for multiple rotations will need to have their badge renewed for each rotation. 

    Medical students are expected to wear their SC-issued badge at all times while on campus. The badge must be worn visibly and above the waist. 

      Badges and social media

      Posting or sharing a photo of the badge to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it easy to duplicate the badge and create a security risk.  Do not post photos of your badge on social media. Do not take photos of your badge. 

      Visitor’s badge

      The visitor’s badge issued at the entrance on the first day of the rotation does not permit the medical student to engage in patient care. 

      Lost or forgotten badges

      Lost badges must be reported immediately to the Graduate Medical Education Office to be issued a new badge. Medical students are not permitted to report their clinic duties with a Visitor’s Badge or Temporary, even one issued by an SC Entrance Coordinator. 

      Returning badges and pagers

      The SC GME Office requires that all medical students return their badges and pagers to the SC GME Office at the end of each rotation. Badge access is terminated at midnight of the printed date on the front of each badge (generally 24 hours after a rotation ends).  

      The GME Office will issue a new badge if/when you return for another rotation at SC. 

      The GME Office is staffed only for scheduled orientations and sign-ins. 

      Please use the GME Office Badge/Pager Return drop box across from the Pelican elevators, just around the corner from the GME Office. 

      Do not return pagers or badges to anywhere other than this drop box. 

    • Seattle Children’s Graduate and Medical Student Education Office policies and procedures

      Prior to the start of your rotation, please review the Policies and Procedures document.

    • Conferences at SC
      Patient Care Clerkship Didactics (see your schedule for dates and times)

      Zoom link here.

      12:30-1:30P Resident and Student Conference (Monday through Friday)

      Zoom link here. Password "uwpeds"

    • White coats, personal appearance and dress code

      White coats are not required at SC. However, your attending may have a preference so make sure that you have it in Seattle with you. In addition, please read the SC Personal Appearance & Dress Code for all medical trainees at SC. If you have any questions, please ask.

    • HIPAA reminder

      Medical students are not allowed to take any medical records or anything with patient information out of the hospital. This includes but is not limited to patient medical records, H&Ps with identifying information, patient sign-outs, or records from other hospitals. If you have been given access to the EMR, remember that you are legally only allowed to access the patient information for patients in your direct care. If you have any doubts or questions, please call the Medical Student Office at 206-987-2008.

    • Network and EMR access, remote access info and WiFi
      Network and EMR access 

      Students on this rotation are required to be up-to-date with any required SC web-based EMR and safety training modules. You will receive information from the Medical Student Office on how to complete any required modules. Once you have completed the modules and the required sign-in and badging process, you will be given network and EMR access.

      To log into the Network at SC, use the username provided by the Medical Student Office and password you set when you completed the web-based training. You wil be prompted to change your password. SC passwords must be at least 10 characters and include at least three of the following: one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, one special character. This is the same username and password you will use to login to the EMR.

      Remote Network and EMR Access

      In addition to access at SC, medical students on this rotation have remote network and EMR access through the Okta Verify system. Follow the steps on the Remote Access Help Page to register with Okta Verify.

      WiFi access

      Students can connect to WiFi at SC through the Personal Device Network.