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Physician Relations

The Physician Relations team supports the strategic goals of Seattle Children's: to be the institution of choice for pediatric healthcare in the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) region and to be a nationally recognized leader in pediatric health and research.

  • Seattle Children's Provider News
  • Targeted communication to Seattle Children's and community providers
  • Medical Affairs website
  • Physician outreach visits
  • Promotion of clinical programs to community providers
  • New physician orientation
  • Print and online physician directories
  • Physician phone line
  • Physician reward recognition

Our Staff

Erin Moya
Director (covers Alaska)


  • Physician relations program oversight
  • Physician outreach and education
  • Physician communication and Provider-to-Provider (Q7) line

Physician outreach and education 

Patti Kilburn
Physician Liaison (North Puget Sound)

Phone: 206-987-6455

Kenton McAllister
Physician Liaison (Eastern and Central Washington, Idaho and Montana)

Phone: 206-987-5221

Dawn Riley
Physician Liaison (South Puget Sound)

Phone: 425-681-8671

Contact Us

For any questions about whom to contact, how to find information or anything else you need related to your experience as a referring provider or physician at Seattle Children's, please contact us:  


For patient health information requests, please contact Health Information Management.