First Approach Skills Training (FAST) Program

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Welcome to the First Approach Skills Training (FAST) program resource page for parents and caregivers. Below are handouts, workbooks and other resources that you can download for free. 

Recommended resources for mental health clinicians or primary care providers are also available. 

FAST Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Below are free handouts and workbooks recommended for parents and other caregivers. Many families use these resources with the support of a mental health provider, but other families use them on their own. Sometimes families try out these resources while waiting for an appointment with a mental health provider.

For families who are already working with a mental health provider but are interested in using FAST materials, you are welcome to share the For Mental Health Providers page with your provider to see if any of our free FAST tools might be something you can work on together.

Anxiety problems

Older versions can be found here:

  • Child and caregiver FAST-A full workbook (ages 7–11) (English) (Spanish)
  • Teen and caregiver FAST-A full workbook (ages 12–18) (English) (Spanish)

Depression problems

  • Depression Snapshot: 2-page education handout for teens and caregivers (English) (Spanish)

Traumatic events

  • Trauma Snapshot: 2-page education handout for youth and caregivers (English) (Spanish)

Challenging behavior (child)

Challenging behavior (teen)

Early Childhood (ages 1-4)

  • Early Childhood Snapshot: 2-page education handout for parents/caregivers (ages 1-4) (English) (Spanish)
  • FAST-E Workbook – Caregivers (English) (Spanish)

Other topics

  • School Refusal Tips for caregivers (English)
  • Sleep Tips for Teens Handout (English) (Spanish
  • Two-page handout for teens on managing their relationship with technology (worksheet) (English) (Spanish)
  • Handout for parents/caregivers on supporting youth experiencing racism (English) (Spanish)
  • Handout for kids and teens on racial discrimination and mental health (English) (Spanish)
  • Handout for teens on racial discrimination and mental health (detailed version) (English) (Spanish)
  • LGBTQ+ mental health handout (English) (Spanish)

For questions about resources or provider training opportunities, please contact us at