First Approach Skills Training (FAST) Program

FAST Training Videos

FAST offers the following free, on-demand training videos for behavioral health providers. Below that we describe our live training opportunities, recommended for providers who are new to the treatment strategies involved in FAST programs.

Introductory Video

This 28-minute video introduces the FAST programs, explains how they were developed, and provides guidance for their use in pediatric primary care settings.

Full Program Training Videos

These 2-hour videos offer in-depth training on each of our programs. They walk you through the key ideas and show you how to use our freely downloadable handouts and workbook materials.

When you click on the video you will be asked to provide some basic information that helps us understand how our resources are being used.

Special Topics

The following are brief training videos on special topics. 

Many FAST providers will also want to take advantage of

  • Live, interactive web-based workshops, designed to give you hands-on skills practice and in-depth troubleshooting of common challenges that can come up for each program. Trainings are two to three hours for each program and currently free to behavioral health providers in brief care settings in Washington state. Contact us for more information.
  • Ongoing case-based learning and technical support, provided via video conferencing calls in small groups that meet every two weeks to discuss FAST cases and integration topics and troubleshoot challenges. Free for behavioral health providers in brief care settings in Washington state. Contact us to learn more.

Using the Washington State EBP Reporting Codes

 In WA, providers are encouraged to report their use of evidence-based practices according the the EBP Reporting Guide. The following EBPI reporting codes pertain to FAST programs:

Program EBP Code
FAST-A 151
FAST-B 148
FAST-D 153
FAST-E 148
FAST-P 148
FAST-T 155

To be eligible to use the code for each program, providers must have:

  • Watched the 2-hour asynchronous training video
  • Participated in the live training workshop
  • Attended at least 2 FAST consultation calls 
  • Presented a case on a FAST consultation call
  • Delivered care to the patient consistent with the FAST treatment materials

If you have participated in live training workshops and would like to be added to the WA State FAST consultation calls, please email