FAST Program Training Opportunities

We are excited to provide a few different ways to learn FAST programs:

Free, on-demand training videos for each of our programs, which walk you through the key ideas and show you how to use our freely downloadable handouts and workbook materials. Each on-demand video is approximately two hours long, and can be accessed by clicking below and entering some basic information we use to follow how our different programs are being used.

Live, interactive web-based workshops, designed to give you hands-on skills practice and in-depth troubleshooting of common challenges that can come up for each program. Trainings are two hours for each program and currently free to primary care–based providers in Washington state. Contact us for more information.

Ongoing case-based learning and technical support, provided via video conferencing calls in small groups that meet every two weeks to discuss FAST cases and integration topics and troubleshoot challenges. Free for primary care–based providers in Washington state. Contact us to learn more.