Water Safety and Drowning Prevention

Parent helping child with life jacketOver 860 children and teens die every year in the U.S. from drowning. In Washington state, an average of 17 children and teens drown every year. Most of them are swimming, boating or just playing in or near water.

The Washington State Drowning Prevention Network and Seattle Children’s work together to provide you with information and resources on water safety and drowning prevention. We can prevent drownings if we all do our part!

Know the Water

  • Water Recreation Safety in Washington (Washington State Department of Health) – Information on beach advisories, lake, river, and beach water safety, pool safety, recreational water illness and regulated water recreation facilities.
  • Rip Current Safety (National Weather Service) – Guidelines to help you avoid getting caught in a rip current.
  • Open Water Guidelines – Drowning in open water, such as lakes, rivers and the ocean, is a major concern around the world. An 18-member international task force from 12 countries developed these guidelines for people visiting open water sites.

Know Your Limits

Wear a Life Jacket

See the map below for life jacket loaner station locations. Is there a Washington state life jacket loaner station that isn't included here? Let us know.

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