Child Development and Parenting

Better Babysitters

Better Babysitters 220x180.jpgIn this online class, students will learn about:

  • Responsible babysitting
  • Basic child development
  • Infant and child care
  • Safety and injury prevention
  • How to handle emergencies
  • Age-appropriate toys
  • Business tips
  • What parents expect

Virtual Better Babysitters

This is a two-part class, with sessions taking place on two consecutive weekend dates. Each session is two hours long. Participants must attend both sessions to receive their Better Babysitters certificate.

Classes are led by our Better Babysitter instructors and hosted via Zoom. You will receive the zoom link by noon a couple of days before the class. We have designed these virtual sessions to be engaging and interactive to include videos, polls and opportunities to work together.


  • $50 per student

Full and partial scholarships are available. To request one, please email

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This class does not include CPR training, practice or certification. If you are looking for a CPR class for your child, please register them for CPR and First Aid for Babysitters.

This class is intended for teens and preteens, ages 11 to 14. If your child is over 14, you must have special permission to enroll in this class. Please refer to our FAQs, below, for frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please call Seattle Children's class registration line at 206-987-9878.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, as part of our response to COVID-19 and continued efforts to ensure families and visitors remain safe and healthy, all classes are being offered remotely via Zoom until further notice.

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  • The comprehensive curriculum provides games, activities, safety skits and practice with life-size dolls. Students receive a Better Babysitters Guidebook to review with their parents and to take with them when they babysit. In general, the course covers:

    Being a better babysitter

    • Why do you want to babysit?
    • How do you get babysitting jobs?
    • Deciding how much you want to charge
    • What to do when someone asks you to babysit
    • Getting to know the kids
    • Getting instructions
    • Tips on being professional
    • Talking with adults

    Caring for children

    • Child development basics
    • Caring for children (babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-age children)
    • Special care for children of all ages
    • Playtime
    • “Tools” for working with children

    Safety and injury prevention

    • Home safety tips
    • Personal safety tips

    How to handle emergencies and illnesses

    • How to call for help
    • Emergencies
    • Illnesses and other problems

    At-home activities

    • Setting ground rules (worksheet)
    • Talking with adults (practice)
    • Making meals and snacks (checklist)
    • How to handle ups and downs (practice with “tools”)
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  • Yes, if they attend the entire class. If your child misses more than 20 minutes of class they will not receive a certificate. If this poses a problem for your family or child, please email Seattle Children's registration at to discuss options for making up the missed course content.

    Please note that the certificate is merely an acknowledgement that your child completed the course. It is the sole responsibility of parents to determine if and when their child is ready to babysit.

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  • Please do what works best for your family. We appreciate your understanding that we cannot issue a certificate to anyone who does not attend the entire class.

    If your child desires the certificate, please email our registration at, Monday–Thursday, to discuss options for making up the missed material.

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  • No. Parents who want to attend the class will need special permission. Please email Seattle Children’s registration at if you have questions about attending the class with your child.

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  • No. The Better Babysitters class is designed for children ages 11 through 14. The focus of the class is to prepare your child to fill the role of babysitter.

    We recognize that maturity and readiness falls on a continuum. Like school districts, we found we needed to establish a minimum age.

    This policy is based on the collective expertise of numerous developmental pediatric professionals and our 25 years of experience. It is not based on any Washington state laws about how old a child needs to be to babysit as there are no such laws on the books.

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  • Yes. But, please know that the class is designed for younger students. We have found that students older than 14 do well as long as they want to take the class and understand that the class is not geared for their age group.

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  • You will see a confirmation once you have successfully registered. You should also receive an email when you complete the registration process and pay with a credit card. If you do not receive a confirmation email but believe that you have registered, please contact Seattle Children’s registration line at 206-987-9878.

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  • Just sign into your registration profile to change an existing registration. You can make changes to your existing registration up until 10 p.m. the Wednesday before the class. There is a small fee to cancel or change your class:

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  • If you would like your child to be in the same classroom as a friend, please register for them for the same classroom during registration or email by 10 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to class.

    We will make every effort to place your child in the same class as their friend. Please note that instructors cannot change classroom assignments during check-in. This is allows us to start class on time and eases the flow of check-in for all families.

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  • Yes. Group size can be up to 22 students. There is an option to "add guests" to accommodate a large group to register for an existing class.

    Private classes cost a flat fee of $900 and can accommodate up to 22 students. If you require a private class for a group, please email

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  • Almost always, yes. Please call Seattle Children’s registration line at 206-987-9878 to discuss how we can best accommodate your child’s needs.

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  • Download the Family Information Form (PDF).

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