Child Development and Parenting

Autism 101 Class

In this free lecture, participants will learn about:

  • Up-to-date, evidence-based information regarding the core deficits of ASD
  • Variability and presentation of behaviors associated with autism
  • Prevalence and etiology (study of the cause of the disorder)
  • Treatments available
  • Resources for families

This lecture is intended for parents and families of children recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism 101 videos in English and Spanish

Autism 101: An Introduction for Families

Autismo 101: ¿Qué es Autismo?

Seattle Children’s in conjunction with local experts is proud to offer Autism 101 in Spanish. This video, the first is an upcoming series, is titled “What is Autism?” The 19 minute video features a local pediatrician and early educator as well as one local family’s journey.

El Hospital de Seattle Children’s junto con expertos locales, se enorgullece en presentar Autismo 101 en Español. Este video, es el primero de una próxima serie, se titula “¿Qué es Autismo?”. Este video de 19 minutos, presenta a un pediatra local y un maestro de educación temprana, así también como la experiencia de una familia local.


Additional resources can be found at the Autism Center Resources page.

Have general questions about autism classes at Seattle Children's? Call 206-987-8080.

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