Gemalto Remote Access Help

Using Gemalto to Remotely Access Seattle Children’s

To ensure protected patient heath information (PHI) remains secure, remote access to Seattle Children’s network requires the use of a physical Gemalto network key or the Gemalto app on your smartphone or portable device.

First-Time Setup


If you don’t already have a Gemalto network key, and do not have a smartphone, contact your Seattle Children’s coordinator or call Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.

Our standard type of Gemalto key is an app for smartphones and portable devices. However, physical keys with a digital readout to display one-time password codes are available for those who do not have smartphones.

Step 1: Read the instructions

Instructions on installing and using the Gemalto mobile app

If you have a physical key with a digital readout to display one-time password codes

If you have the older USB-only key without a display window

Please upgrade to the mobile app or contact Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111 to exchange your USB-based key for one with a display window.

Step 2: Register your Gemalto key or app

Before you can use your key or app, you must register it using the appropriate link above.

Step 3: Log into the remote portal and configure your internet browser

Log into the remote portal. During the login process, you will be prompted to install a Citrix browser plugin and will need to add the page to your browser’s “Trusted Sites” settings.


Can’t find your Gemalto key, or your smartphone is lost or has no power?

  1. Read How to Generate One-Time Passwords (PDF).
  2. Go to the online password creation page.

Have dual monitors and want the remote portal to span both screens?

Returning a Gemalto Network Key

If you no longer need your Gemalto network key, please print out these instructions (DOC), attach them to your network key and send to:

IS Help Desk
Seattle Children's
M/S S-169
PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

Community providers should return keys to their clinic practice manager, who will mail them to Seattle Children's.

Need more help?

If problems persist, please call Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.