Mobile Device Certificates

In order for your device to connect to Seattle Children’s email system properly, you will need to install both the ROOT and SSL digital certificates. To install, follow the directions below for the type of device you have.

iOS and Android

  1. From the browser on your mobile device, navigate to this web page and tap the GeoTrust links below for the certificates.
  2.  Agree when prompted to add the certificates to your device.

Windows Phone

ATTENTION: Some devices running Windows Phone 7 are not able to connect to our mail system. If you have Windows Phone 7 and the procedure below does not work, the Service Desk will not be able to assist you further.

  1. From your home computer, navigate to this web page and save the GeoTrust certificates linked below.
  2. Using your personal email account, send the certificates to yourself as attachments (your Seattle Children’s email account will not work for this).
  3. From your mobile device, access your personal email and tap to install each of the certificates attached.
  4. Agree when prompted to add the certificates to your device.


Before connecting any mobile device to Seattle Children’s email, you must first submit a mobile device consent form. Information on how to request mobile access may be found on CHILD.

For any problems with or questions about mobile device certificates, please contact Seattle Children’s Service Desk at 206-987-1111. Internal callers may dial x71111.