Vikas N. O'Reilly-Shah, MD, PhD


On staff since May 2019

  • Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

    • Martin LD, Hoagland MA, Rhodes ET, Wolfsdorf JI, Hamrick JL, Society for Pediatric Anesthesia Quality and Safety Committee Diabetes Workgroup
      Perioperative Management of Pediatric Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, Updated Recommendations for Anesthesiologists
      Anesth Analg , 2019 : PMCID:31688079

    Other Publications

    • Jabaley CS, Groff RF, Barnes TJ, et al.
      Sepsis information-seeking behaviors via Wikipedia between 2015 and 2018: A mixed methods retrospective observational study.
      PLoS One , 2019 : 14e0221596 PMCID:31437248
    • Jabaley CS, O’Reilly-Shah VN, Lynde GC
      Changing Physician Behavior: Insights From Behavioral Economics
      ASA Monitor , 2019 : 8316-17
    • O’Reilly-Shah VN, Melanson VG, Sullivan CL, Jabaley CS, Lynde GC
      Lack of association between intraoperative handoff of care and postoperative complications: a retrospective observational study
      BMC Anesthesiol , 2019 : 19182 PMCID: 31615410
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Hemani S, Davari P, Glowka L, Gebhardt E, Hill L, Lee S, Master VA, Rodriguez AD, García PS
      A Preoperative Cognitive Screening Test Predicts Increased Length of Stay in a Frail Population: A Retrospective Case-Control Study.
      30882522 Anesthesia and analgesia, 2019 March 11 : PMCID:30882522
    • Jabaley CS, Groff RF 4th, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Asthma Information Seeking via Wikipedia between 2015 and 2018: Implications for Awareness Promotion.
      30521354 American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 2019 Feb. 15 : 199(4)531-533
    • Jabaley CS, Gray DW, Budhrani GS, Lynde GC, Adamopoulos P, Easton GS, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Chronic Atypical Antipsychotic Use Is Associated With Reduced Need for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Rescue in the Postanesthesia Care Unit: A Propensity-Matched Retrospective Observational Study.
      30585903 Anesthesia and analgesia, 2018 Dec. 24
    • Moll V, Maffeo C, Mitchell M, Ward CT, Groff RF, Lee SC, Halkos ME, Jabaley CS, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Association of Serratus Anterior Plane Block for Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery With Higher Opioid Consumption: A Retrospective Observational Study.
      30037575 Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia, 2018 Dec. : 32(6)2570-2577
    • Jabaley CS, Groff RF 4th, Stentz MJ, Moll V, Lynde GC, Blum JM, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Highly visible sepsis publications from 2012 to 2017: Analysis and comparison of altmetrics and bibliometrics.
      30296750 Journal of critical care, 2018 Dec. : 48357-371
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Easton GS, Jabaley CS, Lynde GC
      Variable effectiveness of stepwise implementation of nudge-type interventions to improve provider compliance with intraoperative low tidal volume ventilation.
      29776982 BMJ quality & safety, 2018 Dec. : 27(12)1008-1018
    • O'Reilly-Shah V, Lynde GC
      Determination of ED50 and time to effectiveness for intrathecal hydromorphone in laboring patients using Dixon's up-and-down sequential allocation method.
      30290794 BMC anesthesiology, 2018 Oct. 5 : 18(1)140 PMCID:PMC6173834
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Lynde GC, Mitchell ML, Maffeo CL, Jabaley CS, Wolf FA
      Initial experience with the unrestricted introduction of sugammadex at a large academic medical center: a retrospective observational study examining postoperative mechanical ventilation and efficiency outcomes.
      29843504 Korean journal of anesthesiology, 2018 Oct. : 71(5)374-385 PMCID:PMC6193591
    • Stentz MJ, Kelley ME, Jabaley CS, O'Reilly-Shah V, Groff RF, Moll V, Blum JM
      Trends in Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Growth in the United States, 2011-2014.
      30247176 ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992), 2018 Sept. 19
    • Jabaley CS, Wolf FA, Lynde GC, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Crowdsourcing sugammadex adverse event rates using an in-app survey: feasibility assessment from an observational study.
      30034775 Therapeutic advances in drug safety, 2018 July : 9(7)331-342 PMCID:PMC6048631
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Lynde GC, Jabaley CS
      Anesthesia Care Handovers and Risk of Adverse Outcomes.
      29872852 JAMA, 2018 June 5 : 319(21)2235
    • Monroe KS, Evans MA, Mukkamala SG, Williamson JL, Jabaley CS, Mariano ER, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Moving anesthesiology educational resources to the point of care: experience with a pediatric anesthesia mobile app.
      29739184 Korean journal of anesthesiology, 2018 June : 71(3)192-200 PMCID:PMC5995022
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Kitzman J, Jabaley CS, Lynde GC
      Evidence for increased use of the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia Critical Events Checklist in resource-limited environments: A retrospective observational study of app data.
      29285834 Paediatric anaesthesia, 2018 Feb. : 28(2)167-173
    • Jabaley CS, Blum JM, Groff RF, O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Global trends in the awareness of sepsis: insights from search engine data between 2012 and 2017.
      29343292 Critical care (London, England), 2018 Jan. 17 : 22(1)7 PMCID:PMC5772700
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Comment on: "Gálvez et al.: Interactive pediatric emergency checklists to the palm of your hand - How the pedi crisis app traveled around the world".
      29110432 Paediatric anaesthesia, 2017 Dec. : 27(12)1280-1281
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Jabaley CS, Lynde GC, Monroe KS
      Opportunities and Limitations in Mobile Technology.
      28806207 Anesthesia and analgesia, 2017 Oct. : 125(4)1416
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN, Wolf FA, Jabaley CS, Lynde GC
      Using a worldwide in-app survey to explore sugammadex usage patterns: a prospective observational study.
      28854547 British journal of anaesthesia, 2017 Aug. 1 : 119(2)333-335
    • O'Reilly-Shah V, Easton G, Gillespie S
      Assessing the global reach and value of a provider-facing healthcare app using large-scale analytics.
      29082007 BMJ global health, 2017 : 2(3)e000299 PMCID:PMC5656127
    • O'Reilly-Shah VN
      Factors influencing healthcare provider respondent fatigue answering a globally administered in-app survey.
      28924502 PeerJ, 2017 : 5e3785 PMCID:PMC5600176
    • O'Reilly-Shah V, Mackey S
      Survalytics: An Open-Source Cloud-Integrated Experience Sampling, Survey, and Analytics and Metadata Collection Module for Android Operating System Apps.
      27261155 JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 2016 June 3 : 4(2)e46 PMCID:PMC4912681
    • Shah V, Lee JW
      Pseudohyperkalemia in the setting of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
      22608593 Journal of clinical anesthesia, 2012 June : 24(4)347-8
    • Shah VN, Chagot B, Chazin WJ
      Calcium-Dependent Regulation of Ion Channels.
      28757812 Calcium binding proteins, 2006 Oct. : 1(4)203-212 PMCID:PMC5531595
    • Shah VN, Wingo TL, Weiss KL, Williams CK, Balser JR, Chazin WJ
      Calcium-dependent regulation of the voltage-gated sodium channel hH1: intrinsic and extrinsic sensors use a common molecular switch.
      16505387 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2006 March 7 : 103(10)3592-7 PMCID:PMC1450128
    • Nickols HH, Shah VN, Chazin WJ, Limbird LE
      Calmodulin interacts with the V2 vasopressin receptor: elimination of binding to the C terminus also eliminates arginine vasopressin-stimulated elevation of intracellular calcium.
      15319442 The Journal of biological chemistry, 2004 Nov. 5 : 279(45)46969-80
    • Wingo TL, Shah VN, Anderson ME, Lybrand TP, Chazin WJ, Balser JR
      An EF-hand in the sodium channel couples intracellular calcium to cardiac excitability.
      14981509 Nature structural & molecular biology, 2004 March : 11(3)219-25

  • Presentations Title Event Location Date
    Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in the Pediatric Population Seattle Children’s Hospital OR/PACU In Service (CE Activity) Seattle, WA Dec. 2019
    PPiQSO: Advancing the Art of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine through Technology and Data Science Harborview Medical Center Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Thursday Morning Lecture (CME Activity) Seattle, WA Nov. 2019
    Information Management and Database Research I Scientific Abstract Oral Session Moderator. American Society of Anesthesiologists Oct. 2019
    Baseline Morphine Milligram Equivalents And Length Of Stay Are Associated With Opioid Prescribing Patterns After Intensive Care For Sepsis Jabaley CS**, Blum JM, O’Reilly-Shah VN, Groff R, Moll V, Wang H, Mehta C, Jabaley C. **Presenter American Society of Anesthesiologists Oct. 2019
    Sepsis Administrative Claims Data From Employer Sponsored Insurance Plans: Insights from 2009 Through 2015 Barnes T**, Groff R, Blum JM, O’Reilly-Shah VN, Moll V, Wang H, Mehta C, Jabaley CS. **Presenter American Society of Anesthesiologists Oct. 2019
    Information Management and Database Research II Scientific Abstract Oral Session Moderator. 10/2019. American Society of Anesthesiologists Oct. 2019
    Nudging Physicians to Change Behavior: The Theory, Conduct, and Critical Assessment of Nudge-Type Interventions Panel Presenter, Collaboration with Dr. Craig Jabaley (Emory University) and Dr. Grant Lynde (Emory University), Montreal, Canada International Anesthesia Research Society May 2019
    Prevalence of bradycardia associated with sugammadex administration in a single-center retrospective analysis of electronic medical record data Meka A, Weis M, Elder CC, Meyer L, Sharifpour M, Jabaley CS, O’Reilly-Shah VN. **Presented by Matthew Weis. International Anesthesia Research Society May 2019


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Pediatric Anesthesiology
Clinical Informatics

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Vanderbilt University, Nashville


Anesthesiology, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford


Pediatric Anesthesia, Stanford Medicine, Stanford

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Informatics, Big Data, Quality Improvement, Data and Information Governance, Analysis, and Integration