Nicole Mayer Hamblett, PhD

Cystic Fibrosis Research

Academic Title: Professor

"Developing cures requires team science, and I have the privilege of working with the most dedicated team to accomplish our mission of finding new therapies to control and cure cystic fibrosis. To see how much we have accomplished in the last two decades to improve life expectancy and get breakthrough therapies to our patients only motivates me further to ensure we fulfill our mission."

  • Dr. Nicole Mayer-Hamblett is a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics in the Division of Pulmonary Medicine and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington. She received her doctorate from the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington and joined Seattle Childrens in 1999 as a research biostatistician for the Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Network Coordinating Center (CF TDNCC). She is currently the Co-Executive Director of the CF TDNCC and oversees the design, implementation, and analysis of numerous multicenter CF clinical studies, in addition to providing mentoring and teaching support for new investigators.


Research Description

Dr. Hamblett's research interests include the design and analysis of clinical trials, with emphasis in the pediatric and orphan disease setting. She is involved in the development of new clinical outcome measures for cystic fibrosis, in particular the validation of biomarkers to enable early evaluation of new therapies. Dr. Hamblett also provides statistical training to clinical researchers and scientists, with applications to both the preclinical and clinical fields.

Research Focus Area

Translational Research