Kimberly Arthur, MPH

Kimberly  Arthur,  MPH

Academic Title: Researcher

Research Center: Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development

"I collaborate with community leaders from South Seattle and South King County to co-create, implement and evaluate culturally relevant mindfulness programs. Our team's mission is to share parent-led mindfulness and compassion practices to promote the well-being of youth, families and communities who are marginalized and to build collective capacity to promote social justice. "

  • Kimberly Arthur, MPH, is a researcher at the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children's Research Institute. Her primary research focus is adapting and evaluating mindfulness programs in English and Spanish to support child and family well-being. She also collaborates on qualitative research to explore family perspectives on how health interventions impact the quality of care with a health equity lens.

  • Other Publications

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