Jason Scott Debley, MD, MPH

Jason Scott Debley, MD, MPH


On staff since July 2000

Academic Title: Professor, Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

Research Title: Interim Director, Center for Respiratory Biology and Therapeutics

Research Center: Center for Respiratory Biology and Therapeutics

  • Biography

    Jason S. Debley, MD, MPH, is attending physician in the Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Division at Seattle Children's Hospital and Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He received his MD from Northwestern University Medical School and completed his pediatrics internship and residency at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. He completed his pediatric pulmonary fellowship at Seattle Children’s and earned an MPH from the University of Washington. He has clinical expertise in severe asthma, recurrent wheezing of early childhood, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, restrictive lung diseases of childhood and the management of chronic respiratory failure.

    As a physician-scientist Dr. Debley's research has spanned clinical, epidemiologic, basic and mechanistic patient-oriented translational asthma research. His work over the past two decades has concentrated on investigation of the role of the airway epithelium in asthma pathobiology, with focus areas including study of innate immune responses of airway epithelial cells to respiratory viruses and aberrant epithelial regulation of airway remodeling responses. He built a translational research program wherein primary bronchial airway epithelial cells are obtained from children with asthma and healthy children undergoing elective surgical procedures at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This infrastructure is a unique resource in the United States, providing a steady source of primary bronchial airway epithelial cells from carefully characterized children with asthma that are used to conduct mechanistic research to advance our understanding of the role of airway epithelial responses in asthma and to identify novel therapeutic targets.

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    • Debley Lab

      The Debley Lab is engaged in an array of translational research investigating the role of the airway epithelium in childhood asthma.

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  • Awards and Honors

    Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
    Elected member Society for Pediatric Research 2010
    Young Investigator of the Year award. University of Washington General Clinical Research Center 2007
    Pediatric Research Loan Repayment Award NIH 2004 - 2008
    Fellow Teaching Award University of Washington Pediatric Housestaff 2003
    Research Training Grant American Lung Association of Washington 2001 - 2003
    Sarah Baskin Award for Excellence in Research Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago 1995
  • Publications

    Other Publications

    • Elliott M, Heltshe SL, Stamey DC, Cochrane ES, Redding GJ, Debley JS
      Exhaled nitric oxide predicts persistence of wheezing, exacerbations, and decline in lung function in wheezy infants and toddlers.
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    • Iwanaga K, Elliott MS, Vedal S, Debley JS
      Urban particulate matter induces pro-remodeling factors by airway epithelial cells from healthy and asthmatic children.
      24102466 Inhalation toxicology, 2013 Oct. : 25(12)653-60
    • Miazgowicz MM, Elliott MS, Debley JS, Ziegler SF
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    • Lee HC, Headley MB, Loo YM, Berlin A, Gale M Jr, Debley JS, Lukacs NW, Ziegler SF
      Thymic stromal lymphopoietin is induced by respiratory syncytial virus-infected airway epithelial cells and promotes a type 2 response to infection.
      22981788 The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 2012 Nov. : 130(5)1187-1196.e5
    • Debley JS, Cochrane ES, Redding GJ, Carter ER
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    • Lopez-Guisa JM, Powers C, File D, Cochrane E, Jimenez N, Debley JS
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    • Debley JS, Ohanian AS, Spiekerman CF, Aitken ML, Hallstrand TS
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    • Debley JS, Carter ER, Redding GJ
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    • Debley JS, Carter ER, Gibson RL, Rosenfeld M, Redding GJ
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    • Carter ER, Debley JS, Redding GJ
      Changes in asthma prevalence and impact on health and function in Seattle middle-school children: 1995 vs 2003.
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      12847533 Journal of perinatology : official journal of the California Perinatal Association, 2003 July : 23(5)384-6


Board Certification(s)

Pediatric Pulmonology

Medical/Professional School

Northwestern University, Chicago, IL
University of Washington School of Public Health, Seattle, WA


Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL
Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center, Portland, OR


Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA

Clinical Interests

Recurrent wheezing of early childhood, Non-invasive measures of airway inflammation, Asthma epidemiology

Research Focus Area

Translational research, observational studies, investigator-initiated interventional studies, Therapeutic Trials