Geoffrey A. Wiegand, PhD

Geoffrey A. Wiegand, PhD

Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

On staff since July 2000

Children's Title: Director, Intensive Outpatient OCD Treatment Program

Academic Title: Clinical Instructor

    • Deborah Bothell, WA 09.18.19

      Dr. Wiegand is a gifted practitioner who excels in establishing rapport with young people. He taught us all the skills we needed for my daughter to go from living with severe OCD to thriving with managed/crushed OCD, essentially handing her back her childhood. He has our highest recommendation --and gratitude.

    • Mary North Bend, WA 03.13.18

      Dr Wiegand is the director of Seattle Children’s Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD. Our 17 yr old daughter was in need of intensive ERP therapy this past summer. We have extensive experience with this monster called OCD & know that the only premier programs are in the Midwest & on the East Coast. We were stressing about the logistics of having her in a program that far from home again. I say again because when she was 13 she was in an OCD program at Roger’s in Wisconsin for 3 mos. Her psychologist recommended Seattle Children’s program that is right here in our own backyard. Our daughter, my husband & myself will tell you this OCD/ERP Program is premier. The reason this program is so successful is due to the expertise of Dr Wiegand & his team. Our daughter came out of this program strong ... real strong. Today I had the honor of recommending this program to a family in my Facebook OCD support group. This was a 1st !!! Over the years the only recommendations I or any of my Facebook support group friends have had are in the Midwest & on the East Coast. But now we finally have one on the West Coast. We have one in Seattle/Bellevue, Wa! Thank you, Dr Wiegand for everything.

    • Tami Kirkland, WA 09.15.11

      Dr. Wiegand is an exceptional doctor. My son had SEVERE anxiety, to the point of hospitalization. After 3 different doctors, we were referred to Dr. Wiegand. Before that point, I felt hopeless and not knowing where to turn. After spending a year under his care, my son became more secure, self-confidant, etc. I would recommend Dr. Wiegand to anyone who has a child experiencing the symptoms he specializes in.


Medical/Professional School

Psychology, University of Houston, Houston

Clinical Interests

Childhood and adolescent depression; bipolar disorder; obsessive compulsive disorder; Tourette's syndrome ; phobias; and attention deficit disorders