David R Beier, MD, PhD

David R Beier,  MD,  PhD

Academic Title: Professor, Pediatrics

Research Title: Director, Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Research Center: Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine

  • Biography

    After my undergraduate education at Harvard University, I obtained my MD and PhD degrees in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Washington, and was an intern in Pediatrics at Seattle Children's Hospital. I returned to Harvard Medical School for post-doctoral training in Dr. Philip Leder's lab, and also pursued clinical training in Medical Genetics. I joined the faculty of the HMS Dept. of Medicine in 1990 and became Professor in 2005.In 2012 I returned to Seattle as a Professor in Pediatrics and as the Director of the Center for Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the Seattle Children's Research Institute.

    My research has focused primarily on the use of genetic analysis in model systems as a means to understand human biology and disease. My efforts have provided insight into basic developmental processes, and have led to the identification of a number of human disease genes.

    My research is consistently forward looking, with the aim of marrying enabling genomic technology with innovative strategies of genetic analysis. I have endeavored to make these approaches accessible, and have led a number of community initiatives.

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    • Beier Lab

      The Beier Lab uses genetic analysis in model systems as a means to understand human biology and disease, and identifies genes that contribute to human disease and developmental abnormalities.

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    Other Publications

    • Jamet S, Ha S, Ho TH, Houghtaling S, Timms A, Yu K, Paquette A, Maga AM, Greene NDE, Beier DR
      The arginine methyltransferase Carm1 is necessary for heart development.
      G3 (Bethesda), 2022 Jul 29 : 12(8)jkac155
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      iScience, 2021 Nov 3 : 24(11)103269
    • Ha S, Tripathi PP, Daza RA, Hevner RF, Beier DR
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    • Geister KA, Lopez-Jimenez AJ, Houghtaling S, Ho TH, Vanacore R, Beier DR
      Loss of function of Colgalt1 disrupts collagen post-translational modification and causes musculoskeletal defects.
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    • Beier DR
      High-resolution genetic localization of a modifying locus affecting disease severity in the juvenile cystic kidneys (jck) mouse model of polycystic kidney disease.
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      27053712 Human molecular genetics, 2016 Apr 5
    • Gallego-Llamas J, Timms AE, Pitstick R, Peters J, Carlson GA, Beier DR
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      27441645 PloS one, 2016 : 11(7)e0159377 PMCID:PMC4956170
    • Gallego-Llamas J, Timms AE, Geister KA, Lindsay A, Beier DR
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    • Ha S, Stottmann RW, Furley AJ, Beier DR
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      A mutation in Tubb2b, a human polymicrogyria gene, leads to lethality and abnormal cortical development in the mouse.
      Hum Mol Genet, 2013 Oct 15 : 22(20)4053-63
    • Manning DK, Sergeev M, van Heesbeen RG, Wong MD, Oh JH, Liu Y, Henkelman RM, Drummond I, Shah JV, Beier DR
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