Cheryl A. White, ARNP

Cheryl A. White, ARNP


On staff since April 2013

"Of course babies are my passion. I believe every baby is a miracle and deserves the best start to life. My joy is watching an infant develop and grow. Though it is not ideal, it is a unique privilege to see this happen outside of the womb. My goal is to help families during this often frightening find the beauty in their tiny miracle and help them grow together as a family."

  • I have been practicing Neonatology and NICU care since 1990 and have had the privilege of working with several of our local healthcare systems.  I took an interest in tongue-tie and its effect on breast feeding after a few of my close friends and family members struggled with it and found relief after having their babies treated.  I was fortunate (and blessed!) to have been trained by Dr. Isabella Knox, a highly respected Neonatologist, whose specialty is tongue-tie and breast feeding success.  Through her, and through shadowing other local, highly respected providers, we were able to create a clinic where moms and babies can be evaluated and treated without having to travel out of the South Puget Sound area.  We model our evaluation and care around excellent lactation support as a first and foremost treatment plan, and then we consider other options for treatment based on each patient's individual circumstances.  

    • Natalie Federal Way, WA 09.22.20

      Cheryl was there when my first child was born and had to be treated for jaundice in the NICU and I was so lucky she happened to be on call when my second child had to be admitted for the same thing! Cheryl could not be more knowledgeable, kind, and comforting. She made sure I was informed of everything that was going on with both boys and made sure I agreed with the plan for treatment. I could not be happier with the care Cheryl gave to my boys and my family! She will forever be my baby guru!

    • Sabina Federal Way 08.27.20

      Cheryl is kind, professional and compassionate. She takes time to listen to your concerns and offers solutions that benefits the whole facility in every aspect. Our baby boy was born with a tongue tie and due to this, he wasn't transferring milk from my breasts and started to lose weight. We sought the help of lactation consultants and we met Cheryl, who performed a frenotomy on him shortly after evaluating him. She was so gentle and thoughtful and very thorough, explaining what to expect from the procedure. After the frenotomy, she made herself available by reaching out to us and asking how our baby boy is doing. I would text her multiple times about questions or concerns and she always answered with professionalism and compassion. She goes above and beyond to not only offer her expertise, but to do it with care. She really enjoys what she does and it comes across. We highly recommend her and are very happy to have had her support and help. Thank you Cheryl!

  • Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    Seattle's Top Nurse Seattle Met Magazine 2013


Board Certification(s)

NP Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Medical/Professional School

University of Washington, Seattle
Washington State University, Pullman

Clinical Interests

Tongue-tie (ankyloglossia) and breast feeding success.  I currently am partnered with CHI Franciscan Lactaton Clinic in Tacoma performing consultations and in-office tongue-tie release (sub-lingual frenotomy) procedure. 

Visit CHI Franciscan Lactation Clinic or call the clinic at 253-382-8580 for more information.