Anh-Vu H Ngo, MD

Anh-Vu H Ngo, MD


On staff since November 2015

Academic Title: Associate Professor

"Having grown up in Seattle, my relationship with Seattle Children's goes back quite a while. From volunteering in the ER as an undergraduate to performing radiology research as a postgraduate, I have come to understand what a special place SCH is for this community. The people at SCH are what make it so special and the radiology department is no exception. As a pediatric radiologist, I am proud to be part of a compassionate knowledgeable team that serves the community I love with a commitment to safe and effective care, and a spirit of inquiry to expand our understanding of childhood diseases."

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    Manuscripts in Refereed Journals

    • Ngo AV, Otjen j, Parisi MT, Ferguson M, Otto RK, Stanescu AL
      Pediatric ovarian Torsion: A pictorial review
      Pediatric Radiology, 2015 : 45(12)1845-1855
    • Ngo AV, Walker CM, Chung JH, Takasugi JE, Pipavath SN, Godwin JD, Reddy GP, Stern EJ
      Tumors and tumor-like conditions of the large airways
      American Journal of Roentgenology, 2013 : 201(2)301-313
    • Ngo AV, Friedman SD, Darling S, Sammer MB, Chapman T
      Voiding cystourethrography revisited: descriptive statistics for the detection of vesicoureteral reflux
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    • Ngo AV, Bartolotta R, Chew F, Linnau K
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    • Phillips GS, Otto RK, Wall C, Ngo AV, Mayock PR, Weignberger E
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    • Medverd, JR, Ngo AV, Bhargava P
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    • Ngo AV, Sze RW, Parisi MT, Sidhu MK, Paladin AM, Wenberger E, Seidel KD, Cunningham MC
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    • Sze RW, Parisi MT, Sidhu MK, Paladin AM, Ngo AV, Seidel KD, Weinberger E, Ellenbogen RG, Gruss JS, Cunningham ML
      Ultrasound screening of the lambdoid suture in the child with posterior plagiocephaly.
      Pediatric Radiology, 2003 : 33(9)630-636


Board Certification(s)

Diagnostic Radiology
Pediatric Radiology

Medical/Professional School

Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI


University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA


Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA