Application FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions about applying for a job at Seattle Children’s.

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Applying for a Job at Seattle Children’s

  • Applicants are able to create job search agents – saved notifications that alert them by email whenever a job matching their previous search interests has been posted.

    Use filters to search for positions of interest to you, and click the Search button. On the Job Listings page, which displays jobs that match your search, scroll down to the Job Search Agent Options section. Then, name your search agent and click the Create Agent button.

    We also encourage you to follow us on FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.

    • Valid email address
    • Work history, education and license or certification numbers (if applicable)
    • An electronic version of your résumé
    • Electronic cover letter is optional

    We do not ask for references at the time of application. If you are considered for a position, the recruiter will ask for references. These are processed by a company called Skill Survey.

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    1. Click the Log back in! link, located on the top right of every portal page.
    2. Click the Reset Password link, located below the Login Name and Password fields on the login page. The Reset Password popup will display.
    3. On the popup, enter the email address you used when you originally created your profile. (If you enter a different email address not in the system, your password cannot be reset.)
    4. Check your email, and click the link provided to follow the reset password steps.

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  • Consider having a friend or family member review and provide feedback, check for misspellings, provide full information (dates in chronological order) and provide licensure/certification details if applicable.

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  • If you do not have a computer at home, we encourage you to access the Internet at a public library. You also can get help submitting your online application from your local WorkSource office.

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  • Yes. You will need to apply online for each position you are interested in. (For example, applying for one administrative assistant position does not mean you have applied for every open administrative assistant position).

    Our recruiters work on multiple positions that could have different attributes and we want you to have the opportunity to be considered for any position you are interested in and qualified for.

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  • If a position requires a cover letter, a text box will be provided for you to paste your cover letter in the candidate profile section.

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  • Your application materials may be reviewed by multiple recruiters and hiring managers. For this reason, please address your cover letter to Human Resources.

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  • Please do not email or fax your résumé unless we have requested additional information from you.

    If you are interested in applying for an open position, please apply through our online process.

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  • We do not set closing dates for most positions. A position will remain posted to our website as long as we are accepting applications.

    If we do assign a closing date to a specific position, that information will be listed on the job posting.

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After Submitting Your Application

  • You will receive an automatic notification informing you that your application was received.

    To check if your application is complete, log into the career site. Click on “Dashboard.” You’ll see a list of past job submittals.

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  • This varies by recruiter and position. If your application is selected to move forward in the process, you will be notified as soon as possible.

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  • Log into your existing profile, and then select the Update your profile button.

    Enter any updates to your personal information or résumé, and click the Update Profile button.

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  • You will immediately receive an automatic notification informing you that your application was received.

    If your application is selected to move forward in the process, you will be notified as soon as possible.

    You can also follow the below steps:

    1. Ensure your application is complete and accurate.
    2. Ensure your qualifications closely aligns with the qualifications specified for the job.

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Types of Positions at Seattle Children’s

  • Yes. Some departments have internships. For more information, see the Internships and Residencies page.

    The contacts on that page can answer questions about the specific internships and residencies listed.

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  • Volunteer opportunities are coordinated by Volunteer Services. For more information, see the Volunteering at Children’s page.

    The contacts on that page can answer your questions about volunteering.

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  • Usually a temporary position is established for the short term and/or hired for a specific assignment or project. Generally they are six months or less.

    Temporary positions are not eligible to receive benefits.

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  • A limited-term position may:

    • Cover the duties of a current employee on extended leave or reassignment
    • Cover the duties of an empty position while a lengthy recruitment is being conducted
    • Fill a limited-term need or one-time project

    The term of the appointment must be at least six months. Limited-term positions are eligible to receive benefits.

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  • An employee in a per diem position works on an as-needed basis.

    They may cover staffing vacancies due to leaves of absence, illnesses, holidays and any other condition that requires additional staffing.

    Per diem positions may not have a set schedule or guaranteed hours. They are not eligible for benefits.

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