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Lab Team

  • Farhiya  Abdi

    Farhiya Abdi

    Clinical Research Coordinator I

    Farhiya joined Seattle Children's Research Institute in 2023. She graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a degree in Medical Anthropology & Global Health in 2020. She has worked in a non-profit organization as a Case Manager working with BIPOC, ELL, and marginalized students. Her research focuses on bridging the gaps between providers and marginalized communities when it comes to care and translational resources.

  • Sumia  Abdullahi

    Sumia Abdullahi

    Clinical Research Coordinator I

    Sumia began working at Seattle Children’s in 2019. She graduated from the University of Washington Bothell in 2020 with a Health Studies degree. She is passionate about alleviating health barriers among immigrant and marginalized communities. Her research interest includes promoting inclusivity and bridging the gap between academia and communities that have been historically underrepresented in research.

  • Diana  Navarrete

    Diana Navarrete

    Clinical Research Coordinator II

    Diana has been with Seattle Children’s since 2019, where she started with the Cultural Navigation Program before transferring to the Research Institute in early 2023. She has been working in healthcare for over a decade and graduated from the University of Washington with a psychology degree. As a first generation Mexican American, she hopes to take part in research that not only includes historically marginalized communities but also empowers such communities to engage in this field in a meaningful way.

  • Svetlana  Nikishina

    Svetlana Nikishina

    Clinical Research Coordinator I

    Svetlana joined Seattle Children's in 2023. She graduated from Moscow State University with a Medical Doctor degree. She has combined her passion for mathematics and medicine to make a difference in people's lives through clinical research. Her research focus lies in addressing social barriers to healthcare for populations that have limited access to resources and speak languages other than English.

  • Citlali  Raquel Gomez Acosta

    Citlali Raquel Gomez Acosta

    Clinical Research Coordinator II

    Citlali began working at Seattle Children's in 2022. She graduated from Universidad de Montemorelos in Nuevo León, MX with an MD in 2021 and is also a Spanish Certified Medical Interpreter in Washington since 2017. She aspires to be a part of research that connects quality health care and underrepresented populations.

  • Ashlyn  Tom

    Ashlyn Tom

    UW Public Health PhD Student

    Ashlyn Tom is a second-year PhD student in the Department of Health Services at the University of Washington in the School of Public Health. She is passionate about identifying opportunities to achieve health equity. Her research interests include assessing ways to better support Pacific Island communities, analyzing the impact of health programs and policies on marginalized communities, and evaluating strategies to strengthen communication and community partnerships to improve care.

  • Nguyen  Tran

    Nguyen Tran

    Clinical Research Coordinator II

    Nguyen has been with Seattle Children's since 2018, helping with numerous studies. He graduated from Seattle University in 2015 with a psychology degree and a chemistry minor. Before joining Seattle Children's, he was a clinical case manager at Asian Counseling Referral Service. His research interest is improving health equity in historically underserved communities.

  • Elizabeth  Wingfield

    Elizabeth Wingfield

    Research Manager

    Elizabeth grew up in the PNW and has worked at Seattle Children’s for over 10 years. She has worked on a wide variety of clinical research studies throughout the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research with a focus on Health Equity research. She has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling and is currently a member of the Research Anti-Racism Committee.