Samuel R. Browd, MD, PhD

Samuel R. Browd, MD, PhD

Neurosciences, Neurosurgery, Oncology

On staff since July 2007

Children's Title: Director of Hydrocephalus

Research Center: Center for Integrative Brain Research

  • Samuel R. Browd, M.D., Ph.D., FACS, FAANS, FAAP is the director of Seattle Children’s Hydrocephalus Program and the medical director of Seattle Children’s Sports Concussion Program.

    Dr. Browd’s work in concussion has focused on materials science and engineering solutions. His innovations and collaborative efforts with UW Mechanical Engineering have led to a new force reducing football helmet named Project Canton. Dr. Browd currently serves as an unaffiliated neurologic consultant to the NFL and an independent neurologic consultant to the Seattle Seahawks.

    Dr. Browd has been on staff at Seattle Children’s since 2007. In addition to his work with hydrocephalus and concussion care, he has served as the surgical director of the spasticity management program.

    • Markie River Falls, WI 12.23.14

      Dr. Browd removed the desmoid tumor off of our 10 month old, Leif, in Sept. of 2008. We flew down from Alaska, a very scared family as no one in Alaska could figure out what the lump on our kid's back was. Dr. Browd was kind, knowledgeable, and thoughtful. He was swift in his action and our child has been super healthy ever since. We donate every year to Seattle Children's Hospital in the areas where Dr. Browd works as our way of continuing to say, "Thank you" and to continue to support his amazing work.

    • Lydia Morriston, Florida 09.04.14

      We first met Dr. Browd at Shands, UF in Gainesville, as a student. He performed a functional MRI on our daughter, Maycie as part of his dissertation. This fMRI was used at DUKE Medical Ctr for her complete lobectomy of her right sided brain. He's AWESOME!! So much interest in the patient and the family. We loved him instantly!

    • C Seattle 02.18.14

      We did not choose Dr. Browd. What we thought was a viral bug and a short trip to the emergency room turned out to be a life threatening infected mass in our 2 year old’s spinal cavity causing meningitis. Dr. Browd and his phenomenal team jumped in on the case before the cause was even determined to be their area of focus. They performed an emergency surgery on a Sunday night with limited staff and resources. They saved our daughter’s life. The aftercare we received from Dr. Browd’s team and all of the Neurosurgery department--including nearly a dozen MRIs, an additional surgery, and coordination with the Infectious Disease team, was top notch. Time was always taken to explain details to us fully, and to allow as many questions as we needed to ask to make educated decisions. They are brilliant people with bedside manners. My now four year old still talks about Dr. Browd. After 2 lower back surgeries, 2 PIC lines, all the MRIs, and weekly blood draws, she still talks fondly about visiting the hospital to see the whales. I think that statement alone sums up our experience with Seattle Children’s Hospital. We did not chose Dr. Browd, but we would again in a heartbeat.

    • Brynn Fairbanks, AK 04.04.12

      What an AMAZING Dr. thank you so much for taking care of my little girl.

    • Daniel Oroville, Washinton 01.13.12

      My Daughter was diagnosed with A large brain tumor last April at our local hospital, within hours our life was changed , she was air lifted to Seattle Childrens Hospital. My wife flew with her and I drove 8 hours following her. We were accepted by the hospital under Dr. Browd always being honest about the possible outcomes within 48 hours she had the tumor removed, we have been to see him many times over the last few months and how ever bleek it might have seemed he has always been honest, caring and hopeful. He is a great person and a wonderful Doctor.. May God continue to guide his gentle hands and watch over all the children in his care. He Makes the world a better place!!

    • Jessica Bothell, WA 05.18.11

      My husband and I met Dr Browd under terrible circumstances, having learned only twenty minutes earlier that our 19 month old daughter had a brain tumor and required immediate surgery. Dr Browd sat and reviewed scans with us, explaining the tumor and the surgery in layman's terms. He made us feel as comfortable and at ease as is possible in that sort of situation, and we could see right away that he genuinely cared about helping our daughter have the best outcome possible. Since that day just over a year ago, Dr Browd has performed two additional surgeries on our daughter and has been repeatedly consulted as a part of her care management team. We have always had complete confidence in his knowledge and skill, and trust that he would never recommend anything other than what is best for our daughter.

    • Kristi Clarkston Wa 09.05.12

      The greatest most amazing Dr ever...

  • Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
    Seattles Top Doctor 2016 Seattle Met Magazine 2016
    SEATTLE MAGAZINE TOP DOCTOR - 2014 Seattle Magazine 2014
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  • Presentations Title Event Location Date
    Special Babies with Special Needs: Part 2: Hydrocephalus Mini-Medical School, UW Medicine/UWTV Seattle, WA Feb. 2013


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Neurological Surgery

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University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville


Neurosurgery, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City


Pediatric Neurological Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle

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