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Seattle Children's excellence is rooted in the skills and experience of our medical staff and the community providers and health professionals with whom we collaborate. We partner with our primary care and referring providers to ensure that care is coordinated and family-centered.

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Preparing for Enterovirus D68

Recommendations for patients presenting with asthma and respiratory disease. For management advice for patients in significant respiratory distress, or if you would like to refer such a patient to the Seattle Children’s Hospital ED or ICU, call 206-987-8899. This line is staffed 24/7.

Grand Rounds on Demand

  • The Interface of Pediatrics and Pathology: The Legacy of Ron Lemire (Lemire Lecture) (0:53:45)

    11.20.14 | Play Video

  • Type 1 Diabetes in Youth: Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Now, and a Path to a Cure (0:58:58)

    11.13.14 | Play Video

  • Pediatric IBD, Evolution of Disease Understanding and Management (1:02:13)

    11.6.14 | Play Video

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