Gemalto Users

Remote access via Gemalto is being replaced with Okta Verify. Gemalto will be retired soon. Now is the time to register with Okta, and start using the Okta Verify app. See the information below for all options available.

Some users may not be able to set up Okta Verify yet – most likely because you are an affiliate without a Seattle Children’s email address in our system. If you need to set up Gemalto now, follow these instructions.

Using Okta to Remotely Access Seattle Children’s Network

Gemalto is being replaced with Okta Verify, another app that ensures the security of protected patient health information (PHI). Just like Gemalto, Okta Verify works on your smartphone or mobile device to provide remote access to Seattle Children’s network. Stay tuned for additional functions offered through Okta.

How to Set Up Okta Verify

Follow these steps to start using the Okta Verify app. Contact the Service Desk at 206-987-1111 if you have questions.

  • Okta Verify in App StoreVisit the app store for your phone and search for Okta Verify (not Okta Mobile). Install Okta Verify on your phone (Apple, Windows or Google).

    You can also use Okta Verify on your Android or Apple Watch. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your watch.

  • Okta sign-in screen shotAfter you log into your computer or VDI, visit the remote portal. (You can also reach Okta Verify here.)

    Register using your Seattle Children’s email and network password. If your email address has changed, you might need to use the original address, such as instead of

    While this process is easiest to complete onsite, you can also do it remotely. When you log in onsite, the system may ask for your password again. This is expected and you should enter it.

  • If this is your first time visiting Okta, complete the following steps now and you’ll be set to take advantage of self-service options if you have trouble logging on in the future.

    1. Choose a forgotten-password question.
    2. Enter a phone number and add text message verification for password recovery.
    3. Add a secondary email address also good for password recovery.
      • You only need to choose one method for password recovery.
    4. Choose a security image.
    5. Select “Create my account.”
  • Okta screen with nameYour name appears in the upper right corner. Click on your name.

    Settings dropdown menuSelect “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

    Extra Verification Okta screen shotNow that you are logged into Okta and in the Settings window, scroll almost to the bottom of this page to the “Extra Verification” section.

    Select “Setup” next to Okta Verify.

    Select your device type and “Next.”

    QR Code Okta screenshotA QR code will display.

  • Okta Verify app screenshotLaunch the Okta Verify app.

    Select “Add Account” or the “+” icon to turn the camera on.

    Hold your phone so the QR code fits inside the box on the screen.

    If you see this image, your phone is now registered to your Okta account and you can close the app.

  • Okta login screen shotOn a remote computer, laptop or tablet (but not your smartphone), visit the remote portal and enter your email address and network password to sign in.

    Okta Send Push screen shotSelect “Send Push.”

    Your phone will launch the app automatically. (Tap “Accept” if your phone asks before launching the app.)

    Okta remote portal screen shotTap “Approve” on your phone and the remote portal will load on your computer or device.

    • Once setup is complete and you have the app on your smartphone, you easily access and use it on Android and Apple Watches.
    • The Okta Verify code will not work with Gemalto or vice versa. They are separate systems.
    • Gemalto is available until February 28, 2018, when it will be retired.
    • Once Gemalto is retired, the web page you have been using for Gemalto – and may have saved as a favorite on your browser – will be repurposed for Okta Verify.


Need more help?

If problems persist, please call Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.