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Where should you go when your child needs medical care and can’t wait until your doctor’s office opens?

Cancer Doesn’t Stand a Chance
We have the science and the results. Now we need the resources to bring this life-saving treatment to more children.
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Complications from the flu can be serious. Regular hand washing and a yearly flu vaccine can help protect your child.

Better Treatments for Common Tumors
Our researchers discovered that a blood pressure medication shrinks infantile hemangiomas, leading to 75% fewer surgeries to remove them.
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Better Treatments for Common Tumors

Catch an encore presentation of the special on Jan. 20 at 7:30 p.m. on KOMO 4 TV.

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    I wept at the end of the movie I watched last night, The Imitation Game. The reason really was this: it reminded me how we’re just so terrible to each other at times. How much suffering occurs when we don’t think things through. The movie wasn’t about measles or vaccination, but injustices in it pushed me […]

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  • Ask KOMO: Concussions (00:02:11)

    Dr. Monique Burton covers the signs and symptoms of concussions, along with treatment and tips for preventing concussions.... cont.

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