Ghayda Mirzaa, MD

Ghayda Mirzaa, MD

Genetics, Vascular Anomalies

On staff since September 2012

Research Center: Center for Integrative Brain Research


  • Catherine Federal way WA 12.27.14

    She is a wonderful blend of knowledge, compasion, and bed side manor. She actually talks to and interacts With my son. She has also never down played my need For answers. Wonderful DR!


Board Certification(s)

Clinical Genetics (MD)
Clinical Molecular Genetics

Medical/Professional School

Arabian Gulf University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


Pediatrics, University of Illinois Chicago - Pediatric Dept., Chicago


Clinical Genetics, University of Chicago , Chicago
University of Washington, Seattle

Awards and Honors

Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
Honorary Mention for significant contribution 34th David W. Smith Workshop on Malformations and Morphogenesis 2013
2013 John M Opitz Young Investigator Award for best publication in 2013 by a young investigator American Journal of Medical Genetics 2013
The Peter Duncan Fellow Award 33rd David W. Smith Workshop on Malformations and Morphogeneisis 2012


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    Pediatrics , 2015 PMCID: 25687148
  • Jansen LA, Mirzaa GM, Ishak GE, O'Roak BJ, Hiatt JB, Roden WH, Gunter S, Christian
    PI3K/AKT pathway mutations cause a spectrum of brain malformations from megalencephaly to focal cortical dysplasia
    Brain , 2015
  • Dubchak I, Balasubramanian S, Wang S, Meyden C, Sulakhe D, Poliakov A, Brnigen D
    An integrative computational approach for prioritization of genomic variants
    PLoS One , 2014 Dec. 15 : 9(12) PMCID: 25506935
  • Tokita MJ, Chow PM, Mirzaa GM, Dikow N, Maas B, Isidor B, Le Caignec C, Penney LS, Mazzotta G, Bernardini L, Filippi T, Battaglia A, Donti E, Earl D, Prontera P
    Five children with deletions of 1p34.3 encompassing AGO1 and AGO3
    Eur J Hum Genet. , 2014 Oct. PMCID: 25271087
  • AT, Clark RD, Curry CJ, Link N, Schulze KL, Boerwinkle E, Dobyns WB, Allikmets R, Gibbs RA, Chen R, Lupski JR, Wangler MF, Bellen HJ
    A drosophila genetic resource of mutants to study mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases
    Cell , 2014 Sept. 25 : 159(1)200-14 PMCID: 25259927
  • Mirzaa GM, Kuzniecky R, Guerrini R.
    Malformations of cortical development and epilepsy
    Wyllies treatment of epilepsy: principles and practice (6th edition) , 2014
  • Swarr DT, Khalek N, Treat J, Horton MA, Mirzaa GM, Riviere JB, Dobyns WB, Zackai EH
    Expanding the differential diagnosis of fetal hydrops: an unusual prenatal
    23754335 Prenatal Diagnosis. , 2013 Oct. : 33(10)1010-2
  • Mirzaa GM, Paciorkowski AR, Marsh ED, Berry-Kravis EM, Medne Livija, Grix A, Wirrell EC, Powell BR, Nickels KC, Burton B, Paras A, Kim K, Chung W, Dobyns WB, Das S
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  • McDonell LM, Mirzaa GM, Alcantara D, Schwartzentruber J, Carter MT, Clericuzio CL, Graham JM, Morris-Rosendahl DJ, Polster T, Acsadi G, Townshend S11, Williams S, Halbert A, Isidor B, Smyser CD, Paciorkowski AR, Willing M, Beaulieu CL, Marcadier J, Geraghty MT, FORGE Canada Consortium, Majewski J, Bulman DE, Dobyns WB, ODriscoll M, Boycott KM
    A RASopathy caused by mutations in the deubiquitinating enzyme STAMBP.
    23542699 Nature Genetics. , 2013 May : 45(5)556-62


Presentations Title Event Location Date
Megalencephaly-polymicrogyria-polydactyly-hydrocephalus syndrome (MPPH): 3 genes, evidence for mosaicism, familial recurrence and genotype-phenotype analysis 35th David W. Smith Workshops on Malformations and Morphogenesis 2014
Molecular insights into mosaic megalencephaly syndromes 34th David W. Smith Workshops on Malformations and Morphogenesis 2013
The extremes of brain size: megalencephaly (MEG) -- new genes, new pathways, overlapping phenotypes The Pacific Northwest Neurology Exchange 2013