Richard G. James, PhD

Richard G. James, PhD

Children's Title: Principal Investigator, Seattle Children's Research Institute

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington

Research Center: Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies


Medical/Professional School

Harvard University, Cambridge
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Awards and Honors

Award Name Award Description Awarded By Award Date
K99 NHLBI 2010 - 2012
Pre-doctoral Fellowship Howard Hughes Medical Institute 1999 - 2004
Undergraduate Training Grant National Science Foundation 1997 - 1998


  • James RG, Bosch KA, Kulikauskas RM, Yang PT, Robin NC, Toroni RA, Biechele TL, Berndt JD, von Haller PD, Eng JK, Wolf-Yadlin A, Chien AJ, Moon RT
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    The Journal of biological chemistry , 2013 Nov. 29 : 288(48)34658-70
  • Moore KE, Carlson SM, Camp ND, Cheung P, James RG, Chua KF, Wolf-Yadlin A, Gozani O
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  • Fleming BM, Yelin R, James RG, Schultheiss TM
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  • Camp ND, James RG, Dawson DW, Yan F, Davison JM, Houck SA, Tang X, Zheng N, Major MB, Moon RT
    Wilms tumor gene on X chromosome (WTX) inhibits degradation of NRF2 protein through competitive binding to KEAP1 protein.
    The Journal of biological chemistry , 2012 Feb. 24 : 287(9)6539-50
  • Biechele TL, Kulikauskas RM, Toroni RA, Lucero OM, Swift RD, James RG, Robin NC, Dawson DW, Moon RT, Chien AJ
    Wnt/-catenin signaling and AXIN1 regulate apoptosis triggered by inhibition of the mutant kinase BRAFV600E in human melanoma.
    Science signaling , 2012 Jan. 10 : 5(206)ra3
  • James RG, Davidson KC, Bosch KA, Biechele TL, Robin NC, Taylor RJ, Major MB, Camp ND, Fowler K, Martins TJ, Moon RT
    WIKI4, a novel inhibitor of tankyrase and Wnt/ß-catenin signaling.
    PloS one , 2012 : 7(12)e50457
  • Kamei CN, Kempf H, Yelin R, Daoud G, James RG, Lassar AB, Tabin CJ, Schultheiss TM
    Promotion of avian endothelial cell differentiation by GATA transcription factors.
    Developmental biology , 2011 May 1 : 353(1)29-37
  • Cimetta E, Cannizzaro C, James R, Biechele T, Moon RT, Elvassore N, Vunjak-Novakovic G
    Microfluidic device generating stable concentration gradients for long term cell culture: application to Wnt3a regulation of -catenin signaling.
    Lab on a chip , 2010 Dec. 7 : 10(23)3277-83
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  • James RG, Conrad WH, Moon RT
    Beta-catenin-independent Wnt pathways: signals, core proteins, and effectors.
    Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) , 2008 : 468131-44
  • James RG, Kamei CN, Wang Q, Jiang R, Schultheiss TM
    Odd-skipped related 1 is required for development of the metanephric kidney and regulates formation and differentiation of kidney precursor cells.
    Development (Cambridge, England) , 2006 Aug. : 133(15)2995-3004
  • James RG, Schultheiss TM
    Bmp signaling promotes intermediate mesoderm gene expression in a dose-dependent, cell-autonomous and translation-dependent manner.
    Developmental biology , 2005 Dec. 1 : 288(1)113-25
  • Wilm B, James RG, Schultheiss TM, Hogan BL
    The forkhead genes, Foxc1 and Foxc2, regulate paraxial versus intermediate mesoderm cell fate.
    Developmental biology , 2004 July 1 : 271(1)176-89
  • Deakin S, Leviev I, Guernier S, James RW
    Simvastatin modulates expression of the PON1 gene and increases serum paraoxonase: a role for sterol regulatory element-binding protein-2.
    Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology , 2003 Nov. 1 : 23(11)2083-9
  • James RG, Schultheiss TM
    Patterning of the avian intermediate mesoderm by lateral plate and axial tissues.
    Developmental biology , 2003 Jan. 1 : 253(1)109-24


Presentations Title Event Location Date
PKN1 inhibits Wnt-b-catenin signaling and is required for growth in melanoma American Society for Mass Spectrometry National Conference Vancouver, BC Canada May 20, 2012
Integration of phosphoproteomic and siRNA screens of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway unearth novel drug targets in melanoma Annual Converence - American Society for Mass Spectrometry Vancouver, BC May 20, 2012

Research Funding

Grant Title Grantor Amount Award Date
In vivo role of Btk-mediated inhibition of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling during hematopoiesis NIH - NHLBI Aug. 15, 2010 - May 30, 2015