Condition or Therapy: Cleft lip and palate
Category: Craniofacial

What is the goal of this study?

The goal of this study is to better understand the outcomes of two different procedures doctors use to correct an underbite in patients with a cleft lip and palate – maxillary protraction and orthognathic surgery.

Who can join the study?

This study is for patients with established orthodontic care at Seattle Children’s who:

  • Have a cleft lip and palate and an underbite.
  • Are between 11-14 years old (to take part in the maxillary protraction treatment group); or
  • Are between 16-21 years old and are already scheduled for orthognathic surgery (to take part in the orthognathic surgery group).

What happens in the study?

If your child takes part in the study, your child will participate in the maxillary protraction group or the orthognathic surgery group. The group your child will participate in depends on your child’s age and treatment plan. We will collect information about the results of these two treatments, cost of care, and the child’s day-to-day life before, during and after treatment.

Who can I contact for information or to enroll?

Email the research coordinator.

Study Location(s): Seattle Children's Hospital main campus
Principal Investigator: Dr. Hitesh Kapadia