Web Pages for Patients

patient web site

An example patient Web page.

Families at Seattle Children’s can create a free and easy-to-use Web page that helps you stay in touch with family and friends during your child's hospital stay.

How to create a patient Web page:

  1. Go to the CaringBridge website.
  2. Go to "Create a CaringBridge website" and follow the simple steps to create your own Web page.
  3. Choose "Seattle Children’s, Seattle, WA" from the list of sponsors.
  4. Tell your friends and family about your new site.

For more information, come to the Family Resource Center, River zone, level 7, or call 206-987-2201.

About Your Privacy

This service is provided by CaringBridge. Children’s does not provide any patient information for this service.

Learn more about Seattle Children’s privacy policy and the CaringBridge privacy policy.