Nino Ramirez, PhD

Nino Ramirez, PhD

Children's Title: Director, Center for Integrative Brain Research

Academic Title: Principal Investigator

Research Center: Center for Integrative Brain Research

"I see first-hand how devastating these disorders can be and I meet the families who are looking for hope. Its incredibly motivating I lay awake thinking about these families because I know how badly they need cures and I know we can find them."

Making a Difference

  • Families Fuel Discovery

    Many rare and devastating diseases lack effective treatments or cures. The faith, funds and passion of families of our patients jump-start the search for answers that will help seriously ill children lead healthier lives. ... cont.


Research Description

Our research investigates brain functions in order to develop new ways to treat ? and potentially cure ? neurological disorders. We are particularly interested in how neurons form into networks, and how those networks turn on and off to create rhythms that direct the brain ? and the body ? to perform different functions. We take a collaborative approach to research, teaming up with experts in different disciplines ? from genetics to biology to engineering ? to study brain disorders and pursue cures.

About My Work

Research Focus Area

Neuroscience / Neurodevelopment