Kimberly J. Riehle, MD

Kimberly J. Riehle, MD

General Surgery

On staff since September 2010

Academic Title: Assistant Professor of Surgery and Pathology

"Liver failure can be devastating, often leading to severe illness, the need for transplantation, and in some cases even death. My efforts are aimed at improving the lives of children devastated by liver disease or injury and returning them to health. As a physician and a mom, I take particular care in explaining surgical diseases and operations to patients and families."

Kimberly Riehle, MD, is an attending surgeon at Seattle Children's Hospital. She was born in Jefferson, Iowa and went to high school in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Both of her parents were teachers. She attended Washington University in St. Louis, double majoring in Chemistry and French. She received her medical degree from Emory University School of Medicine.
While clinically active, Dr. Riehle spends much of her time in the laboratory studying the liver biology, including how the liver responds to injury and what causes it to regenerate in some cases and not in others. She is also mom to son Jonah, who was born in 2004.


  • Tina West Richland, WA 03.05.11

    Dr. Riehle performed surgery on my 16 year old son for his Chrons disease. She removed part of his small and large intestine plus his appendix. She was very personal and professional both before and after the surgery, always keeping us informed and explaining every detail very clearly. I felt she truly wanted what was best for my son and my son trusted her completely. I highly recommend her and feel very secure with her as a doctor.


Board Certification(s)

Surgery - General
Pediatric Surgery

Medical/Professional School

Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta


General Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle
Pediatric Surgery, Children's Hospital Boston, Boston

Clinical Interests

Neonatal surgery, pediatric general and thoracic surgery Liver regeneration, molecular studies of the relationship between inflammation and cancer

Research Focus Area

Research Liver Regeneration


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