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Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing at Seattle Children's


For those considering a career in nursing

Where can I get information about nursing careers?
Johnson & Johnson's Discover Nursing site provides excellent information about nursing.

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How do I know which nursing program is right for me?

 The Washington Healthcare Careers site is a great resource for identifying nursing programs in Washington state.

Make sure to attend the information sessions at any schools you are considering.

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For nursing students

Does Seattle Children's hire nursing students in patient-care roles?

Yes. We have limited opportunities for nursing students in patient-care roles, such as nursing technician, certified nursing assistant and unit coordinator. Typically these positions require you to work year-round.

Please see the job list for vacancies.

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Does Seattle Children's hire students for summer externships or other programs?
At this time, we do not have summer externship opportunities.

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How do I obtain a nursing technician registration?

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For new nursing graduates

Who is most successful at securing a new graduate RN position at Seattle Children's?

Given the decline in new graduate RN opportunities secondary to the economy, each job opening is highly competitive. The strongest candidates have completed a senior practicum (capstone) or clinical rotation at Seattle Children's or another pediatric hospital in a department comparable to where the opening exists.

Please note: Even though we indicate that new grads are welcome to apply for specified positions, an experienced RN or internal candidate may be selected for the position.

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When do I apply for a new graduate RN position?

Applicants need to have their Washington state RN license and be available to start work within four to eight weeks after applying for a new graduate RN position.

Please apply only to those positions for which you meet the minimum requirements. You cannot be considered for positions that have specific experience requirements.

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For experienced nurses

I am an experienced nurse working in an adult care setting. How can I make the transition into pediatrics?

Given the limited number of nursing vacancies, we currently do not have a formal training program to help nurses develop pediatric skills. Therefore, you may be competing with experienced pediatric nurses for positions.

Also, certain specialty areas may choose to hire nurses with specific specialty skills, then train and orient them to the pediatric population.

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Does Children's require a refresher course for RNs returning to the field?
We recommend a refresher course for RNs who have not worked for approximately two years or more in an acute care setting. Information about refresher courses can be found at Washington Healthcare Careers.

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General information for nursing applicants

How do I apply for an RN position at Children's?
Interested RNs should apply online. New staff nurse positions are posted on our website every Wednesday. Other changes to job postings may occur at any time.

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How can I reach the nurse recruiter?
Debbie Clark, Jill Cartwright, Judy Shorr and Terry Hamilton, Children's nurse recruiters, can be reached at 206-987-2112 or 800-874-6691 (toll-free) or via email. It is their goal to return all calls and email messages within one business day. If you do not receive a timely return call, please do not hesitate to call back.

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How can I get information about wages and benefits?
Wages for staff RN positions are determined by the bargaining agreement, and are based on full-time equivalent RN experience. Learn more about benefits.

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How do I obtain information for Washington state nursing licensure?

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Where can I get a BLS for healthcare providers?
Cascade Healthcare Services offers information and testing for online courses.

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