For Visitors

Main Campus Visitor and Family Guide

Visiting hours:

  • Every day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Parents and caregivers may be with their child anytime.
  • Visiting Policy

Main Campus Services

  • Food

    Food and Dining

    Cafeteria, Starbucks Coffee, food deliveries, vending

  • Gift

    Visiting and Deliveries

    Visiting hours, staying overnight, deliveries

  • Money


    Cash machine, gift shop, showers, laundry, strollers

  • Recreation


    Bedside activities, playroom, Teen Zone, pool, entertainment passes

  • Gift Shop

    Gift Shop

    Stuffed animals, snacks, balloons, toys, phone cards, stamps, ordering gifts for patients online

  • Services

    Phones, Internet, Office Services

    Mail, faxing, wireless Internet, computers, phones

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility and Special Needs

    Resources for Deaf and hard of hearing interpreters, disabled parking, wheelchairs

  • Support

    Help and Support

    Resources for preparing for your visit, your stay, health conditions, helping your child cope, emotional and spiritual support, paying for care, medical records

  • Support

    Safety and Security

    Family and patient identification, security, entering at night, your valuables, hospital rules and smoking