For Visitors

Main Campus Visitor and Family Guide

Visiting hours:

  • Every day, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Parents and caregivers may be with their child anytime.
  • Visiting Policy

Main Campus Services

  • Food

    Food and Dining

    Cafeteria, Starbucks Coffee, food deliveries, vending

  • Gift

    Visiting and Deliveries

    Visiting hours, staying overnight, deliveries

  • Money


    Cash machine, gift shop, showers, laundry, strollers

  • Recreation


    Bedside activities, playroom, Teen Zone, pool, entertainment passes

  • Gift Shop

    Gift Shop

    Stuffed animals, snacks, balloons, toys, phone cards, stamps, ordering gifts for patients online

  • Services

    Phones, Internet, Office Services

    Mail, faxing, wireless Internet, computers, phones

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility and Special Needs

    Resources for Deaf and hard of hearing interpreters, disabled parking, wheelchairs

  • Support

    Help and Support

    Resources for preparing for your visit, your stay, health conditions, helping your child cope, emotional and spiritual support, paying for care, medical records

  • Support

    Safety and Security

    Family and patient identification, security, entering at night, your valuables, hospital rules and smoking

In the Neighborhood

During your child’s stay, you may need services we don’t have at the hospital. Here are some nearby options that may be helpful.