Science Education Department

We deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire passion for science, promote better health for all students, and enhance science education throughout Washington.

Meet Us

Our Vision

We will develop the next generation of scientists and healthcare leaders, and promote child health by empowering students and advancing science education.

Featured Programs

  • Science Adventure Lab

    Our 45-foot mobile science lab brings innovative science education to children at schools across Washington state.

  • Biomedical Research and Global Health

    We prepare high school students for careers in biomedical research and healthcare through a year-long academic program at Puget Sound Skills Center.

  • STEM Internships

    We give high school students an authentic research experience, and help them build skills for careers in research and other STEM fields.

  • Mobile Lab Coalition Partnership

    We support new and emerging mobile lab programs, and advocate for using mobile labs as a platform for improving access to STEM education.