Center Support Services

Assisting in the identification, application and management of research activities.

Core Services

Providing our researchers with access to the latest instrumentation and technical services, ensuring affordability, convenience and efficiency.

  • Flow Cytometry Core

    Provides diverse flow-cytometric applications for characterization and purification of cells from mixed-cell suspensions.

  • Therapeutic Cell Production Core

    Adapts lab methods to manufacturing, including required release testing, final product characterization and regulatory support.

  • Pediatric Clinical Research Center

    Our research space provides resources and expertise to investigators conducting patient-oriented research.

  • Research Lab Services

    Operated by the Department of Laboratories, the Research Lab Services core supports basic, clinical and translational research.

  • On-Site Supply Core

    Reduces waste and increase efficiencies in supplying labs with the most commonly used non-perishable lab supplies.

  • Research Coordinator Core

    Experienced research staff are available to collaborate with investigators and research teams in all phases of clinical research.

  • Children's Core for Biomedical Statistics

    Serves as the primary statistical design and data analysis core for research activities.

  • Acti-Core

    Supports actigraphy needs in the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development and the Center for Clinical and Translational Research.