William P. French, MD

William P. French, MD

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Odessa Brown Children's Clinic

On staff since August 2008

Academic Title: Acting Assistant Professor

"I had been seeing a 15-year-old adolescent for about two years during my residency training for "talk therapy." He had a history of neglect and had been in a number of residential placements for his behaviors. Despite being smart, he made terrible grades and was always in trouble for his behavior he needed one-to-one supervision at school. One day he came into the office and told me, "Dr. French, Im starting to get interested in learning again and want to thank you for believing in me." This is when I realized the power that a caring relationship can have in another persons life."

    • Sally Olympia, Wa 01.05.11

      Dr. French has taken such care to really get to know our 15 year old son who suffers from genetic chemical depression. When Dr. French offers a possibility for therapy, he does all the footwork to find links or contacts for our own review. He went through quite a bit of research to provide us with a list of functional therapists in the Olympia area, after a discussion of this new therapeutic approach. He has also reviewed and researched lightbox therapy, different medications new on the market. When our son is in his tele-med appointments, Dr. French always makes a point of directing his questions to our son, rather than to us, and really tries to approach our son at a level that a 15 year old would appreciate. When (our son) had new DC tennis shoes and was very proud of them, Dr. French noticed them and had a conversation lasting several minutes about his shoes. Instances like that, have made us feel that Dr. French is tuned into adolescent depression. Thanks Dr. French.


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University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington


Psychiatry, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington


Psychiatry, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington