Gemalto Network Key Help

Using Gemalto to Remotely Access Seattle Children’s

To ensure protected patient heath information (PHI) remains secure, remote access to Seattle Children's network requires the use of a physical Gemalto network key or the Gemalto app on your smartphone or portable device.

See the Gemalto FAQ (PDF) for more information about using Gemalto to remotely access Seattle Children's network.

First-Time Setup

Step 1: Obtain a network key

If you don't already have a Gemalto network key, contact your Seattle Children's coordinator or call Seattle Children's IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.

There is also an electronic version for smartphones and portable devices. Read How to Register/Log In with the Gemalto Mobile App (PDF) for information on obtaining the correct app.

Step 2: Read the instructions

If you have the Gemalto app installed on your phone or mobile device 

If you have a physical key with a digital readout to display one-time password codes 

If you have the older USB-only key without a display window 

Please upgrade to the mobile app or contact Seattle Children's IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111 to exchange your USB-based key for one with a display window.

Step 3: Register your Gemalto key or app

Before you can use your key or app, you must register it. If you are having issues, see the Troubleshooting section, below.

Step 4: Add the Gemalto Desktop Portal as a trusted site

Before you can log in remotely, you must add Seattle Children's Gemalto Desktop Portal to the list of trusted sites in your web browser. See instructions (PDF).

  • Note: If you are logging in from a computer at a partner institution such as the University of Washington, this may have already been done for you.

Step 5: Install the Citrix browser client plugin

Go to Seattle Children's Gemalto Desktop Portal in your web browser. On your first visit, you will be prompted to install the Citrix browser plugin that allows you to remotely view Seattle Children's applications.

  • Internet Explorer only: During installation, you may need to right-click a security warning at the top of your browser window and allow the plugin to install.
  • Note: If you are logging in from a computer at a partner institution such as the University of Washington, the Citrix browser plugin may already be installed.

You can also install the Citrix browser plugin manually. See instructions (PDF).

  • Important: Installing the browser plugin may require administrator rights on your Windows PC or Mac.

Logging In with Your Gemalto Key

Once you have completed the one-time setup, simply visit Seattle Children's Gemalto Desktop Portal and enter the following:

  • Your Seattle Children's network user name
  • The one-time password code from your Gemalto key or app
  • Your Seattle Children's network password

Your Seattle Children's VDI desktop will open exactly as it would if you were logging in from a workstation on Seattle Children's network.


Can’t find your Gemalto key?

  1. Read How to Generate One-Time Passwords (PDF).
  2. Go to the online password creation page.

Common error messages

If you receive this error when using a USB-only Gemalto network key –

“No OTP device has been detected. Please connect your OTP device and try again.”

– please click on one of the links under Drivers, below, to download the correct driver for your Windows PC or Mac.

Drivers for the USB-Only Key

The USB-only key is only supported on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Apple Mac OS X 10.6+. These operating systems come with the correct driver already installed.

SConnect browser plugin

The SConnect browser plug-in is only needed when using a Gemalto key plugged in via USB.

  • Reminder: If you have a key with both a USB plug and a display window, do not plug it in to your computer. Simply use the display window to generate your one-time password and you do not need to install the SConnect plug-in.

To install the SConnect plug-in, go to and click on the Get OTP button with the USB network key plugged in. If there is a newer version of the plugin than the one you are currently using, it will prompt you to install the new plugin.

  • Important: You may need administrator rights on your Windows PC or Mac to install the browser plugin.

Returning a Gemalto Network Key

If you no longer need your Gemalto network key, please print out these instructions (DOC), attach them to your network key and send to:

IS Help Desk
Seattle Children's
M/S S-171
PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

Community providers should return keys to their clinic practice manager, who will mail them to Seattle Children's.

Need more help?

If problems persist, please call Seattle Children’s IS Help Desk at 206-987-1111.