Title Preterm Epo Neuroprotection Trial (PENUT Trial) Clinical Coordinating Center (CCC)
Grant Recipient(s)
Grant Recipient(s)
Name Christopher M. Traudt, MD
URL Christopher M. Traudt, MD
Granted By NIH NINDS
Awarded Date 4 1 2013 To 3 31 2018
This study will compare 376 Epo treated infants with 376 control infants at 24-26 months post menstrual age (PMA). Our overarching hypothesis is that in the extremely low gestational age neonate (ELGAN) population, early high dose Epo treatment followed by maintenance Epo during the period of oligodendrocyte vulnerability will protect the preterm brain from injury and promote normal brain growth as measured by MRI. Role: Co-Investigator