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100 Years: Explore Our History

Learn about the people and events that shaped Seattle Children's Hospital. Explore our history.

The death of Anna Clise's young son from inflammatory rheumatism in 1898 made her tragically aware of the lack of specialized care for children – and inspired her to take action.

With the help of 23 female friends, Clise established the first facility in the Pacific Northwest to treat these children – most of who would otherwise have been left to endure pain and disability throughout their lives.

Clise's original vision – to care for children regardless of race, religion, gender or a family's ability to pay – still guides the hospital today.

Seattle Children's was ahead of its time at the turn of the 20th century. The same is true at the turn of the 21st century. Many of our physicians are national leaders in their fields, using their skill and experience to discover new cures and deliver the very latest, best treatments available – all part of our mission to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease.

See How Our Name Evolved

Learn more about the history of Seattle Children's name.

KOMO Special: A Century of Caring and Hope

Watch the hour-long TV special.

Seattle Children's Story Project

Read 100 years of stories, told one person at a time.

Interested in reading more about our history?

Hope on the Hill: The First Century of Seattle Children's Hospital recounts our history and our impact on the city, the Northwest and the thousands of patients we have served. The book was written by the late Walt Crowley, David Wilma and the staff of You can purchase a copy at

There's nothing so important to be done as service to children. Find out what is not being done that is necessary and worthy, and do that.

Advice to Children's founder Anna Clise from her cousin, Philadelphia-based physician Dr. John Musser, 1906

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