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Thank you for your interest in the Nurse Residency Program. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by applicants.

We are happy to share any information that would be helpful as you start your career at Seattle Children’s. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please email the Nurse Residency Program.


Interview and Hiring

Time Commitment

Work Expectations

  • When are nurse residency classes?

    Nurse residency is a year-long program. Class dates and times will vary throughout residency and will be communicated in advance for you to prepare. Classes are weekly in the first four months of the program and then switch to monthly.
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  • What should I expect for my scheduled patient care orientation shifts?

    Your patient care orientation shifts generally mirror your preceptor’s schedule. This means you can be scheduled any day of the week. Acute care and critical shifts start at the following times: day shift at 7 a.m., evening shift at 3 p.m. and night shift at 7 or 11 p.m. Other departments, such as the ED, PACU and OR, have other standard shift start times.
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  • How should I dress during my patient care orientation?

    Required attire includes scrub top and pants. Closed-toe shoes are required when in patient care areas. Your badge should be above the waist and visible to others in the hospital at all times.
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Pay and Licensure