Guild News is published three times a year by Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association.

Please submit items for the Winter 2016 issue by Oct. 9, 2015. Send news items and photos* to:

Helen Gervais
Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association
M/S S-200, PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005

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Chair, Board of Trustees

  • Judy Ogden

Executive Director

  • Aileen Kelly


  • Kathryn True


  • Jenna Riggs


  • Bella Cara Photography
  • Mia Booth
  • Amy Crenshaw
  • Melody De Lappe
  • Paul Dudley
  • Heather Fessenden
  • Aileen Kelly
  • Kyle Leonard
  • Nancy Levine
  • Christina Lui
  • Amy Lyman
  • Scott Matsuda
  • Barb Parker
  • Lauren Piper
  • Monika Remington
  • Dennis Riggs
  • Erik Stuhaug