Click IRB Deployed and Ready for Use

Click IRB logoThe Click IRB system has been deployed and is available for use. The existing legacy forms and processes will be accepted until the required use date of January 4, 2016, but we advise you to begin using Click IRB at your earliest convenience.

How to access Click IRB

  1. Click on the Citrix icon to open up the list of viewable applications.
  2. Select the Click application icon.
  3. This will open Click in an Internet Explorer 9.0 session. You will be presented with the login screen. Use your Seattle Children’s login and password to access the system, where you can choose to view the IRB module.

Automated notifications

Because information for existing studies has been migrated from the legacy IRB system to Click IRB, you may begin to receive email messages from the Click IRB system even though you have not yet used it. Until you have begun using the Click IRB system, you may ignore these notifications.

For more information

Watch this space and published announcements for more details on available training and other resources. Email us with questions.

IRB Policies

IRB Forms

Adverse Event Forms

  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Adverse Event Reporting Guidelines

Application Forms: Initial and Renewal

  • IRB-ITHS Application
  • IRB Application: Research Using Existing and Confidential Data, Records or Specimens
  • Application for Exempt Review Status
  • IRB Status Report
  • IRB Status Report: Research Using Existing and Confidential Data, Records or Specimens
  • Compassionate Use Device Form
  • Assent Form Template
  • Consent Form Template
  • Consent Form and Assent Form Checklists for Researchers
  • Short Form: Consent for Use with Language Minorities (Limited- or Non-English-Speaking Families)
  • Emergency Use Consent Form Template

HIPAA Related Forms

  • HIPAA Authorization: Permission to Use, Create and Share Health Information for Research
  • Research Disclosure Tracking

Patient Data Request Forms

  • HIM Patient Data Request
  • Research Chart Pull Request

Other Forms

  • Incident Report Form
  • Modification Request Form
  • Memo of Understanding Concerning Seattle Children's IRB Review Fees
  • IRB Criteria and Considerations
  • Optional Protocol Templates
  • Research Participants' Rights
  • Request for Tissue for Use in Research