The Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP) staff is available for consultation and advice, and we welcome your calls and emails. If we can be of assistance, please contact us.

For more information on the IRB, please visit the main Institutional Review Board Web page.

Please note: All submissions should be directed to the IRB via Click IRB. Submissions made via email or post will not be accepted and may result in significant delays.

Department phone: 206-987-7804
Department fax: 206-884-2635
Department mailstop: 818-S

For mailings from the University of Washington, use Box 359300, Mailstop CW8-5A.

Tina Houston

Program Coordinator
Phone: 206-884-4557

Anthony Peña, MPA, CIP

Program Coordinator
Phone: 206-884-8161

Nicholas Lew, JD

Human Subjects Protection Analyst
Phone: 206-884-1094

Tara Polek, PhD

Human Subjects Protection Analyst
Phone: 206-884-6187

Kelly Hebner, JD

Human Subjects Protection Analyst
Phone: 206-884-4783

Llilian Garcia, BS

Human Subjects Protection Analyst
Phone: 206-884-7895

Laurie Bolton, JD

Phone: 206-884-7820

Douglas Diekema, MD

IRB Chair
Phone: 206-884-4346

Rosemay Vazeux, MD

IRB Vice Chair
Phone: 206-884-1427