Seattle Children's Research Institute has an agreement in place to allow for review by Western IRB (WIRB) of projects at a cost to study teams and/or sponsors. Below is the process needed for such review. Please contact the IRB office if you have questions about the forms or process.

  1. Submit to the IRB via email a signed, scanned copy of the Cover Sheet (DOC) with additional attachments, if applicable. Our office will review, sign off on and return the Cover Sheet if Seattle Children's agrees to rely upon WIRB for review.
  2. Be sure to include the signed Cover Sheet with your submission to WIRB, as they will be looking for our institutional signoff during their review of your project.
  3. Make your submission to WIRB using their application forms. Below, you will find a consent template that WIRB has approved for Seattle Children's use.



WIRB charges review fees to sponsors and/or research teams. If the sponsor/site is participating in the Single Review Solution program, then the SRS pricing applies.