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Viral Core Services

The Viral Core team assists with the construction and production of lentivirus (LV) vectors, including non-integrating lentivirus (NILV) vectors as well as adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors. As part of this function, our expert staff provides:

  • Small- and large-scale production of LVs
  • Consultation regarding the performance of various vector/donor/promoter combinations for individual experiments
  • Direct support for design and cloning of more complex vectors
  • Quality control analysis of LV vectors, including FACS and qPCR-based titering and other relevant aspects of viral storage and delivery to collaborating laboratories
  • Consultation regarding cloning into AAV backbones and quality control for AAV plasmids
  • Production and qPCR based titering of AAV vector stocks

Core personnel are working to develop improved vector production and purification methods and more advanced vector systems. As improved production methods and vector systems become available, core personnel incorporate these technologies into their protocols. The core will soon be producing foamy virus vectors.


The Viral Core provides access to the following instruments:

  • Dedicated Optima L-90K preparative ultracentrifuge
  • Spectrum Labs KrosFlow Research II MiniKros Sampler Plus tangential flow filtration system
  • Two tissue culture hoods and incubators dedicated for use in viral vector production

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See Viral Core Protocols for LV and AAV production protocols.