Institutional Review Board

Click IRB Resources

The transition to Click IRB software brings a number of advantages to the federally mandated management of human subjects research at Seattle Children’s, including increased efficiency, greater standardization across documents and processes used by the IRB, and increased visibility during the review process.

To get started, explore available training resources and reference guides.

Click IRB Training Resources

You are invited to log in and explore Click IRB – but you are advised to receive Click IRB training prior to making any submissions in Click IRB. The Investigator Manual (HRP-103) is recommended reading and is found in the Click Library on the General tab.

  • To access Click IRB:

    1. Go to Citrix to open the list of viewable applications.
    2. Select the Click application icon. You will be presented with a Click session login screen in Internet Explorer 9.0.
    3. Log in with your Seattle Children’s username and password.
    1. Click IRB Deep Dive Part 1: This class will provide an overview of the Click IRB system and prepare you to understand the four core system transactions (New Studies, Continuing Reviews, Modifications and Reportable New Information) with an emphasis on activities for New Studies.
    2. Click IRB Deep Dive Part 2: This class is designed to help you understand and use the important concepts and techniques in Click IRB to move from basic viewing to initiating activities in the system that cue team members and the IRB to engage with the study. Includes job aids and workflows containing key concepts on each topic covered and hands-on activities to reinforce skills and knowledge attained.

    See class descriptions and register for available workshops through Grow@SC.

  • These videos walk you through the basic functions of the Click IRB system. Click on a link to get started.

    Getting Started With Click

    These videos focus on basic actions in Click IRB. Covered topics include:


    Click Essentials – Part 1: 3 Click Concepts

    These videos introduce new users to three fundamental concepts about Click IRB. Covered topics include:


    Click Essentials – Part 2: Submitting a Study

    These videos walk you through steps to follow and changes to be aware of when submitting a new study in Click IRB. Covered topics include:


    Click Essentials – Part 3: Responding During Review

    These videos review changes in communication in the Click IRB system and demonstrate steps to follow when responding to the IRB during review. Covered topics include:


    Click Essentials – Part 4: Updating Studies Post-Approval

    These videos cover the steps to follow when updating studies following approval by the IRB. Covered topics include:


Click IRB Reference Guides

When you’re ready to get started with Click IRB, you may find it helpful to refer to these Quick Guides as you navigate the system. All files are PDFs.


Short Form Consents and Assents

When using the short form consent process for any studies that have been initiated in the Click IRB system, please use the appropriate translated Short Form Consent Form and Short Form Assent Form (if necessary) from the lists below or in the Click IRB Library. Studies that were processed in the legacy IRB system should use the legacy Short Form cover sheets, consent forms and assent forms. All files are Word documents.