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Imagination Lab

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Every day, Seattle Children’s clinical teams, researchers and faculty come up with ideas for equipment and devices that could improve the lives of our patients. Our faculty and staff can now make their ideas a reality right here at Seattle Children’s. 

Seattle Children’s Imagination Lab, currently located on the ninth floor of the Jack R. MacDonald Building in downtown Seattle, is available to all Seattle Children’s staff, faculty and community members. 

Our Purpose 

We exist to provide the Seattle Children’s community with the resources and support necessary to make or modify things that improve pediatric care. 

Available Resources 

Tools and workspaces 

We provide tools, materials and workspaces for the Seattle Children’s community to use and support improvement and innovation in pediatric healthcare. The Imagination Lab provides a wide range of basic hand and power tools for quickly making ideas a reality. We also offer advanced tools such as 3-D scanning and printing and CNC machining. 3-D CAD, graphic design and video editing software are available as well. 

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Design and development services

To help with more complex projects, we use ISO 13485–certified design and development services to help community members take a pediatric healthcare problem from an idea through to a final manufactured product solution. We also offer classes on design thinking, workshop skills and 3-D printing to help our community learn how to make things independently. 

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Who are we? 

The Imagination Lab is a community effort comprised of faculty, staff and volunteers. The lab is led by Chris Howard, manager of technology commercialization. Email him to schedule a visit to the Imagination Lab, share your ideas and learn more about innovation and improvement through design and fabrication at Seattle Children’s.

Using 3D Printers to Treat Complex Heart Conditions at Seattle Children's (01:13)


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