Current Research Studies

Tourette Disorder - Collaborative Genomic Studies of Tourette Disorder

Condition or Therapy:

Tourette Disorder, Tics and Tic Disorders



What is the goal of this study?

The goal of this study is to look for genetic factors that play a role in causing Tourette disorder and related disorders such as Chronic Tics disorders (CT). We also want to find out why some members of a family are affected with these disorders and others are not.

Who can join the study?

This study may be a good fit for children who have been diagnosed with Tourette Disorder or Chronic Tic Disorders. We are also asking both biological parents to participate to better understand what inherited and non-inherited traits may explain why some children have these conditions.

What will happen if my child takes part in this study?

If you choose to participate in this study we would ask:

  • that the child and both biological parents agree to participate,
  • for some blood from each of you; we can use numbing medicine to make this less uncomfortable, and
  • for each of you to fill out a questionnaire asking about you and your and your family's medical and mental history.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, email or call the study coordinator at 206-987-5929.

Study Location(s):

Seattle Children's Main Hospital Campus

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Sam Zinner
Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research