Current Research Studies

Child Health and Development - Seattle Water and Environment Early Life Longitudinal Study (SWELL)

Condition or Therapy:

Child Health and Development


Child Development

What is the goal of this study?

We are doing this research study to study chemicals in water and the environment. We want to see if exposure to chemicals in the environment during pregnancy affect child health and development.

Who can join the study?

Researchers are recruiting 2 groups: pregnant women and mother-infant pairs.

This study may be a good fit for you if you like in the Seattle area and:

  • Are pregnant and at least 8 weeks along, or
  • Have an infant 2 - 4 months old, or
  • Have an infant 9 - 15 months old

What will happen if my child takes part in this study?

This study can be done completely from your home. If you choose to participate, we would drop off a kit with study supplies, and pick it up after they were completed.

If you chose to participate, you would:

  • Capture all your/ your infant's urine over 24 hours
  • Record all your/ your infant's food and drink over 24 hours
  • Record all your/ your infant's dental care (e.g. tooth brushing) over 24 hours
  • Take and send us photos of your/ your infant's dental products
  • Collect a cheek swab from you/ your infant
  • Collect tap and bottled water samples
  • Collect breast milk and formula samples (if you have an infant)
  • Complete a survey
  • Get up to $150 in gift cards as a thank you for your time for completing all activities

Office visits are optional. If you choose to and the lab is open, in our office we would measure your height and weight after you completed the home activities. If you have an infant, we would measure their height and weight and watch you brush their teeth/gums.

Who can I contact for more information?

To learn more, call 206-247-8983 or email the study coordinator.