Center for Integrative Brain Research

The Center for Integrative Brain Research is unraveling the mechanisms beneath neurological, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders. This knowledge will lay the foundation for innovative pediatric therapies that prevent or cure these disorders. Learn more on our University of Washington website.

Integrating Knowledge Across Disciplines

CIBR's approach is to integrate knowledge at the genetic, molecular, cellular, network and behavioral levels to better understand a wide spectrum of neuronal functions and brain-related diseases.

Featured Research

  • New Insights into Depression

    Seattle Children’s researchers are illuminating the huge role a tiny part of the brain may play in depression and moods.

  • Protecting Preemies' Brains

    Will high doess of erythropoietin (Epo) protect extremely premature babies from brain injury?

  • Seizure-Free with Minimal Risk

    When children with epilepsy run out of treatment options, MRI-guided laser ablation surgery offers the hope for a seizure-free life.

  • Breakthroughs in Autism

    Our investigators have determined that children with autism may not generate the brain rhythms needed to understand language. We are pursuing new therapies that could improve the social and communication skills of these children.

  • Exploring Epilepsy’s Causes

    Our researchers are investigating the cellular and molecular factors that trigger epilepsy, with the goal of correcting those factors and curing the disease.

  • Tackling Breathing Disorders

    We have identified key mechanisms behind sudden infant death syndrome, sleep apnea and other breathing disorders, paving the way toward treatments that disarm these conditions.