Pursuing Cures for Infectious Diseases

The Center for Global Infectious Disease Research (CGIDR) is working to understand, treat, prevent and cure infectious diseases affecting people across the globe from neonatal to adult stages of life. Our members and research teams aim to develop effective solutions so children can grow up to be healthy adults.

Translating Basic Biology into Innovative Strategies

CGIDR researchers translate basic biology into strategies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and conditions that impact people locally, nationally and globally. Our scientists study the role of pathogens in acute and chronic infectious diseases, targeting viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. Research areas and labs include infection-associated cancers, mechanisms of pathogen persistence and virulence, antibiotic resistance and pathogen diagnostics.

Training the Next Generation of Leading Researchers

Our program is distinguished by a commitment of center faculty to training and mentoring of pediatrician-researchers and scientists, producing prominent researchers and leaders with a strong global presence in the effort to improve the health of children and their families.

To learn more about the center and its programs, email the CGIDR.